November 21, 2009

2 States

I read the much awaited "2 States" by Chetan Bhagat last week. Trust me,, its too good to ignore. Every reader has this habbit of reading the gist of the story written at the back cover of the book and im no different :P.Everyone wud smile after reading 2 states' gist. Its written like this:

Girl loves boy and boy loves girl. They get married. But this is not the case in India.Girl's family has to like boy and Boy's family has to like the girl. Boy's family shud like girl's family and vice versa.

Which Indian wud not accept this??? ;)

Ananya and Krish are IIMA students who fall in love with each other despite their social background differences. Krish is a Punjabi from Delhi and Ananya is an Iyengar girl from Mylapore in Chennai. And the story begins. The couple decides to get married with blessings of both their families and thats how the interesting part of the book gets unravelled.

They struggle a lot to get their families get to know each other and like them. Right from food habbits everything between the two families( or 2 states) is different. Chetan Bhagat's sense of humor is an add on score for this book (After all he is the author of "5 point someone).

I liked the part where Krish comes to Chennai to join CitiBank and impress Ananya's parents. If you are a person who knows a lot about Chennai, I bet you wud roll on the floor laughing. Else you wud get to know a lot about the place ;) . And for Tamilians, there is a lot you cud know about Punjabis as well. I dont want to spoil the suspense of the book by writting the whole story here.
And this story is supposed to be Chetan Baghat's marriage life. So
To Chetan,
A very cute love story

Coming back to the book : Very practically written , enjoyable to read and in short its a good entertaining book. So dont miss it. "2 States" is another milestone of Chetan Baghat's creations.

Satisfaction gaurenteed..

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