December 27, 2008

The best commercials

This was certified to be the best commercial ad of the year 2007

funny isnt it :)

And the best TV ad of 2008 is Cadbury Gorilla.

December 23, 2008

Windows shortcuts:
Every one of us have been using Windows right from the time we bought our PC.But i bet not everyone knows all these shortcuts.
One who uses mouse less frequently is considered to be a good professional in the corporate world.
Try this

ctrl+esc  =   Start main menu
alt+tab   =    switch between open programs              
shift+delete=delete an item permanently(will not be in recycle bin)
F10         =    activates menu bar options
alt+down arrow=opens a drop down list box
alt+space =   opens system menu(resize,maximize,minimize etc)
alt+F4     =    closes the current window
F5            =    refreshes the current window
ctrl+shift+tab= moves through the property tabs
windows+R   =Run dialog box
windows+M  =minimize the window
windows+shift+M=undo minimize all
windows+F   =Find files and folders
windows+break=opens system properties dialog box
windows+L  =Log off windows
windows+C  =control panel
Tab               =moves to the next control in the dialog box
shift+tab      =moves to the previous control in the dialog box
spacebar      =clicks if its a button,toggles if its a checkbox and selects if its an option

For a selected object:
F2    = Rename
F3    = find all files
alt+enter = open the properties for the selected object
ctrl+X  = cut
ctrl+C  =copy
ctrl+V  =paste


December 17, 2008

What is IBM upto...

IBM's third 5 in 5 plan is expected to change our lives and provide a better world to live in.

Have a look at this video clip and you will definitely be amazed.

The five challenging innovations:

Energy saving solar technology tat will be used in paints and windows

Many technology came up with the idea of saving solar energy .But the process seemed to be difficult since the production of solar cells which rely on silicon seemed to be less efficient and more costly.
IBM has overcome these shortcomings by using thin film solar cells,which is 100 times times thinner with low cost than the traditional silicon.IBM is creating this thin film cells so tat it could be used on the roofs and sidesof a building,mobiles,cars and even in clothes(Can u believe that!)

Lets see how this works

IBM uses large lens to capture the sun's energy onto a centimeter solar cell where the conversion takes place electical energy being the result.But we all know that conversion in such a small space will give away a huge amount of heat which is enough to even melt a stainless steel.For that IBM comes up with a method to cool the solar cells once it captures the energy as a result of which a solar cell with 1600 degrees celcius can be brought down to just 85 degree celcius!!!

Talk to Web and the Web talks back to you

In the next five yrs,to access web incredibly we'd no longer need a PC and internet.New Technology will change the way people interact with websites,they may hav to talk instead of typing.Through your phone,you can sort through the web verbally to find some information u need and get back them as if you have a conversation with the web.
IBM is working on The Spoken Web Technology,through which people who do not have a PC and Internet and who are physically challenged will definitely be benifited.And not only them,everyone gets their work done in minutes by this Spoken Web.This way the Web becomes accessible to anyone and you stay connected 24*7.
This technology is based on "Voice Sites" concept which are analogous to websites which can be accessible via phones with the voice interface.

A crystal ball for health

You could forsee your health destiny which could be used to modify your lifestyle.In the next five years,a genetic map could tell us what healt problems we would likely face and the preventive measures to avoid them based on your specific DNA

Computing biology and Super computing are the two technologies that are used to determine the expected duration of a person's life,the likeliness of diseases and the impact of daily routine on our health.From this, a person gets to know the things he needs to change to live a better life.IBM researchers are developing a system that provides a tool for the technicians that records the responses of a particular drug to a disease.In this way taking a patient's blood and comparing it with thousands of people who have underwent this treatment over the years they could easily find out what worked and what didnt.

When doctors could use the genetic sequences to map the health destinies the results will be huge like healthy lifestyle,awareness of the diseases likely to occur and ultimately long lives.

Your own digital shopping assistants

In the next five years there wont be the need of a salesperson to bring you the clothes that will fill you correctly and search a showroom completely for you.Digital shopping assistants are equipped with touch screens and coice activated systems which enables you to select the dresses and the accessories.You dont have to search 
through the racks for the color and size.Once you select them a sales associate gets notifies ans they are directly 
brought to you.In case the product you are looking for is not present in tat shop you can either order them online and get them at your doors or you will be directed to the nearest stores that contain your desired products 

You can also review the products,take snaps of it and send them to your family and
friends with the help of the shopping assistant

Forgetting becomes distant

Remembering what and what not to buy in a grocery store,a conversation with our doctors,a lecture in a conference,who do we have to meet and when becomes a really tough job in today's complex world.
IBM is implementing HERMES technology to help people remember our day today activities and improve our short term memory
This is done by the microphones and video to record the conversations and automatically sends it to a personal computer where it is sorted and analyzed.When a photograph is captured in a mobile device,its information is extracted in an address book or calendar and can be recalled using a Web based application


December 14, 2008

Finally India goes 3G

On December11,2008 Indian Prime Minister,Dr.Manmohan Singh launched the first third generation mobile services in New Delhi.These services provide high speed and high quality transfer of voice,data and video.

The Minister for communications and IT,Mr A.Raja performed a demo by making a video call to Dr.Singh to demostrate the high quality video streaming to the press.A.Raja announced that in 1 year the mobile suscribers can switch from one operator to another without changing their current phone numbers.

MTNL(Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd which is a service provider in New Delhi,Mumbai and Thane) with the capital allocated to it by DOT has begun to roll out the 3G services.

It is expected tat these services will be implemented in the metros and category "A" circles(which includes Mumbai and Chennai) by the middle of 2009 and the whole country by the end of 2009.

December 12, 2008

Movies of this week

For this week,its Slumdog Millionaire and Rab ne bana di jodi

Slumdog Millionaire

Cast                     : Dev Patel,Freida Pinto,Anil Kapoor,Irfan Khan
Music                  : A.R.Rahman
Direction             : Danny Boyle
Cinematography:  Anthony Don Mantle

The Story:
          Jamal Malik and Salim lost their mother in a slum raid and they take Latika(on whom Jamal has a crush) with them.Then comes Maman who takes all 3 to an orphanage where they were made to beg for money.The kids somehow escape from tat place and started selling goods on top of the trains.The brothers lose track of Lathika and gets off near Taj Mahal.Jamal becomes a tourist guide and Salim invloves himself in theft.

Later they move to Mumbai in search of Lathika who was found being trained for prostitution and rescues her.Salim kills Maman and offers himself to Javed,a gangster and Jamal protests.Salim threatens Lathika and she consents to stay with him for Jamal.

Years later,Jamal participated in Kaun Banega Crorepati(Anil Kapoor,being the game show cast) in which he made it to the last question when he was accused for cheating.He proves himself innocent and returns back to the show.The correct answer for the final question would fetch him 20 million rupees.How he makes it and takes Lathika with him is the climax.

The entire movie was shot in India and it is based on the book "Q and A" by Vikas Swarup

Rab ne Bana Di Jodi

Cast           : Shah Rukh Khan,Anuksha Sharma
Direction   :  Aditya Chopra
Production: Yash Chopra
Music         : Salim Sulemanin

The Story:
   Surinder Sahni(ShahRukh) is a very ordinray,simple,clean hearted and an honest man working for Punjab Power.He meets Taani(Anuksha Sharma) who is just opposite to him-fun loving and full of energy.Fate brings these two poles-apart character together.Surrinder despises himself as Raj in a popular dance fest in Amritsar to impress his girl Taani.

Places where Surrinder struggles wearing a tight fit jeans and Anuksha racing in her bike with 'Dhoom Machale' music are enjoyable to watch.The film is full of fun,laughter,emotions,love,music,dance and sentiment.

One question tat arises in everyone's mind is how could Taani not recognise the difference between Surrinder and Raj when the similiarity was obvious.Aditya Chopra should hav paid attention to it

Otherwise,the movie is worth watching

SRK has done a good job!

Know more about Sidney sheldon

Sidney Sheldon,born in Chicago served in World war2 by joining the AirForce as a pilot.He started his career in Hollywood as a screenplay writer.The movie "The Bachelor and the bobby soxer" won sheldon the academy award for the best screenplay in 1948.He gave a new dimension to his career

by creating and writing scripts for 2 telivision shows "Patty Duke" and "I dream about Jeannie" the latter of which won the Outstanding achievement for writting in Comedy for sheldon in 1967.

From 1969,sheldon started writing novels which took him to great heights.His first novel-The Naked Face was awarded the Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery writers of America in the category of Best First Novel

In 1974,came his second book,The Other Side of Midnight
His third book was released the next yr(1975), A Stranger in the mirror
His 4th novel was Bloodline(1977) which many readers felt was the best of sheldon
The 5th was The Rage of Angels in 1980 and in
1982,Master of the Game was published
His 7th,8th and 9th novels are If Tomorrow comes,Windmills of the gods and the Sands of the time

Sidney Sheldon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

His 10th novel,Memories of Midnight became a blockbuster hit in 1990
The Doomsday Conspiracy(1991) which topped the international bestsellers list was published
In 1992 The Stars shine down set a record breaking sales
His 13th novel Nothing lasts forever was published in 1994 after which Sheldon was named "National Spokesman for Libraries For the Future"
After tat Morning,Noon and Night and Best Laid Plans were published

Sheldon was honoured by the Guiness Book of World Records as the Most translated author in the world

In 1998,his 16th novel-Tell me your Dreams hit the NewYork bestseller list
And Sheldon was honoured with "The Great Authors of the twentieth century" stamp 

The last 2 novels were The sky is Falling and Are you Afraid of the Dark after which
his autobiography The Other Side of Me was published in 2005

In 2005,the great author passed away.

Download Sidney Sheldon Collection

I have uploaded around 16 books of Sidney Sheldon here.If a password is asked for extracting the files it is books_for_all

Have fun reading them.

December 06, 2008

Personality of this month

Bill Gates

William Henry Bill Gates was born in Seatle,Washington 1955.He enrolled himself in the Lakeside school and when he was in his eighth grade,his school bought a general electric computers for the students.Gates took interest in programming the system in BASIC.This was his 1st achievement.Later he learnt various source code for many programs including tat were in COBOL,FORTRAN etc.

Gates then contacted Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems(MITS) and informed tat he and his friend Paul Allen had been working on a BASIC interpreterand therefore they were hired into MITS.The friends named their partnership "MICROSOFT".This trade name was registered in Mexico in 1976.

Microsoft's BASIC became very famous throughout and Microsoft became independent of MITS in 1976.Gates continued writting programming languages for many systems.In 1980,IBM approached Microsoft to design an  operating system for their new PC.Therefore MS-DOS came up which made Microsoft play a major role in the industry. 
Since then Gates has been the chairman of Microsoft and he launched Microsoft Windows in 1985.Till this day there is no OS other than Windows considered to be user friendly.Windows has reached luke and corner of the world. Hence Gates aptly says

"There are people who don't like capitalism, and people who don't like PCs. But there's no-one who likes the PC who doesn't like Microsoft."

Sensational IT News

The impact of Viruses

There has been a sudden shut down of systems in 3 hospitals in london due to virus.

Three hospitals in london(Sir Bartholomew's,the royal London hospital and the london Chest hospital) were forced to shut down their systems for atleast 24 hrs because they were found being infected by a computer virus.Fortunately backup systems were in use and engineers are still working hard to restore the computer systems.

It was found tat the hospitals were infected by a variant of the MyTob worm which spreads via email.This worm plants a backdoor Trojan horse thereby enabling the hackers to gain access and infect the victim computers.As a consequence of this the hacker can spy on sensitive information abt patients and even launch denial of service atacks.

The hospitals are taking every necessary measure to take care of the patients records and assures confidentiality

What is cloud computing anyway

Cloud Computing has given a brand new dimension for online computing.This cutting edge technology not only cut costs but also promises a better experience for the end users.With the advent of this technology,the computing environment transforms from a static to dyanamic workplaces where users can share and access the information in a flexible way.Merchants like Google and IBM have already set foot in this field.

Shashi B Mal, Director, Systems & Technology Group, IBM India/South Asia explained, “Cloud computing is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together to provide IT services."

What cloud computing mainly does:

It enables a person to walk up to any computer anywhere in the world and access his data and applications just as it was when he last logged in.
All these services will be provided by a huge IT infrastructure somewhere up in the clouds.
Thomas J.Watson,founder of IBM has said that a few number of mainframes in the sky would provide this computational power to the users remotely.

Five main requirements to deliver cloud computing:

1.Scalability  2.Resilience for distribution 4.acceptable experience 5.minimum cost

Waiting to witness the effects of Cloud Computing

SRM University

Have a look @ my University

December 05, 2008

Do you read books?

The book of the month is "The Tales of Beedle the Bard"                   
After the huge success of the Harry Potter series which made J.K.Rowling the 13th richest woman in Britain,has launched her new book "The Tales Of Beedle the Bard" on dec 4,2008.

The readers of the harry potter will know tat the tales of beedle the bard was left to Hermione Granger by Albus Dumbledore in the last part of harry potter series.

Around 200 school children were made to gather in Edinburgh's parliament hall.They were not only got the chance of meeting JK Rowling but also had an oppurtunity to get a free copy of her new book.
Around millions of copies of The tales of Beedle the bard are made and the money raised will be used for Children's High Level Group(CHLG) co-founded by Rowling.

Nokia N95

New arrivals and the most interesting ones..

Nokia N95

My all time favoutite phone !!!
Its an all in all multimedia computer.
A 2 way slide model
A 5 MP camera
SMS,MMS,Email,MP3 and FM present 

Two major drawbacks of this model are theres no video capturing facility and u cannot zoom in..

Cost:Around 18,000

Movies of the week

lets talk abt the latest releases 

For this week,its Dostana and varanam aayiram


Banner       : Dharma Productions
Cast            : Abhishek Bachan,John Abraham,Priyanka Chopra,Bobby Deol,Shilpa Shetty
Direction    : Tarun Mansukhani
Production: Karan Johar
Music          : Vishal Dadlani,Shekar Ravjiani
The Story:
   Sameer(Abhishek Bachan) and Kunal(John Abraham) were about to be sent out of an apartment because the land lady thinks tat these young men would corrupt her beautiful niece neha(priyanka chopra).So here these guys pretend to be "gay".Wat happens next? is the rest of the movie

Somehow the director Tarun Manshukhani has managed to give a movie tat is fun and frolic for youngsters while its ridiculus for others.

The concept of homosexuality would take few more yrs to sound simple !!
On the whole,,Dostana hits with fun moments but still it is unsuitable for certain audience

                                                            Varanam Aayiram

Cast          :  Surya,Simran,Sameera Reddy,Dhivya
Direction :  Gautham Menon
Music       :   Harris Jeyaraj

The story:
    It starts off with the father surya who dies after reaching home from a saloon.The msg is sent to Major Surya(his son) who is determined to go ahead of his rescue mission.And then comes the flashback-Surya's dad in his young age fell in love with simran and married her.Happy to see simran again.A small and sweet family with overwhelming happiness.Surya sees his father as a real hero and he is his greatest inspiration.
Surya then meets (Megna)Sameera Reddy and falls in love with her.Knowing tat she's moving to America for studies,he goes there as well...But going all the way to America just to win his lady love is a bit uncompromising ! Unfortunately Megna dies.
The reckless Surya becomes a horrible drug addict.Then how he transforms himself and becomes Major Surya and marries Priya(Dhivya) is rest of the story.

Harris Jeyraj's music is a feast to ears.Brilliant cinematography by Rathinavelu.

Surya rocks!!!

Students corner

This is for all who r looking forward for higher studies..Here r some info that might help u get throu the competitve exams...All the best for all... 

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