March 23, 2010

Vinnaithandi varuvaaya

Its almost a month since this movie got released and i know its pretty late to review it.. But i cant help it coz of my busy schedule (:P).. Anyways, I watched this flick twice in theatre(Adlabs, Pondicherry) and was moved. 
The screenplay, the chemistry between Simbu and Trisha, the mesmerising music by A.R Rahman, powerful dialogues, the wardrobe of the players, and a reasonable amount of romance and sentiment made the movie a blockbuster and one of my "favourite movies".

Gautham Vasudev Menon is not a new director to Tamil cinema. Be it a simple love story like "Minnale" or an action flick like "Kaaka kaaka", "Vettaiyadu Vilayadu" or a family subject like "Pachakili Muthucharam", not to forget "Vaaranam Aayiram" which is "you have to move on whatever happens" story, Gautham Menon has never failed to leave milestones in Tamil film industry. "Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya" is again a simple love story spun around two people which is screened interestingly. 

Now the gist of "Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya"

Karthik(Simbu) is an ambitious guy with high aims of becoming a film director(and of course his father doesnt approve which is quite usual :D). He falls in love with Jessie (Trisha) the moment he sees her and is surprised to know that she lives in the same house upstairs that was rented by Karthik's family.Ultimately they talk and spend time with each other. He is determined to go to any extent to win his lady love and she is determined not to let her parents down for any reason.Because Jessie belong to a staunch Christian family but she did fall for Karthik at the same time.When love blossoms, trying to be "just friends" wont work. So they decide to go for it inspite of the complexities involved with some(hopeless) hope. When this is the case, Karthik heads to Goa for 45 days for a project. As we know "long distance relationships" barely work. They part their ways. Two yrs later Karthik becomes a director and films his own story of how he met Jessie and fell in love with her(A tribute to his first love). He meets her again in America and what happens or what had happened to her in the past 2 yrs and whether they join hands or part is the climax of the movie. 

Very much practical,logical and a sensible movie with no unnecessary fights/ glamour/punch dialogues. Music is heavenly.Tracks like Hosanna, Mannipaya, kannukul kannai and Omana Pennae is not that easy to stop humming.The part where Karthik describes Jessy in America is just amazing.And thanks to Gautham Menon for showing a different Simbu on screen.Trisha is gorgeous as usual. To sum it up, its a pleasant story worth your time and money.

P.S: Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is more than just a "must watch" movie.


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