December 21, 2010

The Social Network

Looks like Ive already migrated from being a blog maniac to a movie maniac. Anyways I cant refrain myself from writing about The Social network which I saw recently and felt hard to come out of it. A very impressive movie.
Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and how he faces the lawsuits filed against him while making Facebook reach millions of people is all about The Social Network.

After breaking up with his girlfriend Erica, Mark gets drunk and decides to humiliate all girls by starting a website called "Facemash". For this he hacks into the residence halls databases available in Harvard network and gets the pictures of female students. With the help of Eduardo, he gets the algorithm. Facemash is about letting guys compare between two girls and choosing the attractive one. Initially Mark sends an email describing about the new website to his circle of friends which gradually attracted almost all the guys and of course infuriated the girls community. In just one night Mark's Facemash was about to bring the Harvard network down. As a result he was put on probation.

But the fact that he was able to create a website which became popular overnight attracted Winklevoss brothers to whom Mark agrees to program for Harvard Connection website.Eventually, Mark discloses his idea about The Facebook where people can share their information on a network and also decide who can be their friends. Eduardo agrees and helps Mark start up the website by giving thousand dollars. Meanwhile when Winklevoss comes to know of The FaceBook they try to sue Mark for having stolen their idea and the chase begins.

Initially, The FaceBook was restricted within Harvard campus and became very popular among the students. Having not forgotten Erica who is not a Harvard student, Mark decides to expand The Facebook beyond Harvard boundaries. Winklevoss brothers' opposition on Mark increases as the The Facebook grows.On the other hand Mark along with Eduardo meets Sean Parker. While Mark is quite impressed with Sean Parker, Eduardo doesnt seem to be happy with Sean company with them. As Sean suggested Mark drops The from The Facebook and makes it just Facebook.

Mark moves the base of Facebook to Palo Alto and Eduardo seeks advertising support in New York. Eduardo gets infuriated by seeing Sean's involvement in the company and as a CFO decides to freeze the bank accounts on which Facebook relied on. Mark then discloses that they have got an investor through Sean's contacts and that they should not crash. Eduardo visits the company only to know that his share has been reduced and he decides to sue Mark for it. That is when Facebook celebrates when its 1 millionth member joined the network.

Movie ends with Mark sending friend request to Erica and refreshing his page every second waiting for her confirmation. And Eduardo continues to be the CFO of Facebook.

Well narrated and well portrayed. If not for The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg's history would be less revealed. Thanks to David Fincher.
And when i saw the film I realised how badly I wanted to watch The Google Story too. I was impressed by just reading the book. Cant wait for long for Hollywood to portray LarryPage and Sergey Brin on screen.

Stay glued!

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