February 19, 2010

Buzz, Twitter and FaceBook- All in one page

Buzz has become popular overnight. But users dont have to sacrifice using Twitter or Facebook or keep changing the tabs to goto the respective sites.
As i was browsing the other day I ended up in "Mashable" where I read about an article which would enable us using Buzz,Twitter and Facebook without even leaving Gmail page. Tried it and its working. So thought of sharing it here.

Here is how it goes:

1. Open your Gmail account.

2. Goto Settings - >Labs -> Add any Gadget by URL (last one among the many thats listed). Enable it.

3. Goto Settings->Gadgets

4. For adding Twitter gadget copy this link and paste it

5. For adding Facebook gadget copy and paste this link

Refresh the page and its done.

                      Expand the Facebook gadget and this is how it would look after
                      embedding the two gadgets.

Checking mail, Buzzing, Tweeting, Facebooking - now all in one page 

February 18, 2010

Zinga to open its office in India soon

Facebook users would surely know about Farmville and that the game was created by Zinga- the largest social game provider. Zinga has recently announced about its opening office in Bangalore.

India stands third in terms of Internet usage after China and United States. And this may be the reason for Zynga CEO Mark Pincus to decide opening office in India which currently has more than 80 million Internet users. Games developed by Zynga includes Farmville, Fishville, Yoville, Petville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker, Vampire Wars, Pirates and so on.

Zynga aims in promoting all these games in  future and it is expected that the company would start recruiting computer engineers and game developers across the country.

February 17, 2010

How I met your mother

"How I met your mother" is a Tv show of fun and comic genre. Very addictive, funny and totally worth watching.
Gist of HIMYM:

(As the name implies) It is a story which Ted Mosby  tells his children how he met their mother.The flashback rolls and he tells about every person who he ran into his life, the fun, weird, happy, sad and frustrating times and how he ended up falling in love with his "The One". Four people play very important role in Ted's life- Marshall Ericsson, Lily Ericsson, Barney Stinson and Robin Sherbatsky who all live in New York. 

Ted Mosby:

Ted is cute, romantic and single who waits for his ultimate girl to arrive. Ted's best man is Marshall. Being an architect, his ambition is to build a skyscraper in New York. But life has other better plans for him. He tells the whole story to his kids and thats how the story is unravelled. 

Marshall and Lily Ericsson:

           High school friends of Ted's and the most perfect couple ever.Marshal is a lawyer and Lily works a Kinder-garden school teacher. Ted, Marshall and Lily live together.

Barney Stinson:

           Ever since HIMYM was telecasted Barney became more popular than everyone else. This is because of his quick wit and humour. Barney is kind of expert in flirting and making girls fall for him with his own way of techniques which made him popular and an interesting character. 

Most popular dialogues of Barney:
         "Haaaaaaave you met Ted ?"
         "Suit up"
         "Iam Awesome"
         "Its going to be 'legen' wait for it 'dary'"

Robin Sherbatsky:

           Robin is a Canadian basically who is a TV reporter in a channel barely watched in New York. Ted and Robin date for a while and they break for some reason lately. She is hot, ambitious, hates to have kids and adventurous. 

The show has made many known faces as guest appearances. Stella is again a doctor in "HIMYM" as she was in "Scrubs".Every time Ted dates a woman, the audience think and rethink if she would be the one for Ted. That's the speciality of the show.

I have watched 4 seasons till now(the rest are being screened) and it is all amazing. With every season, it is becoming more interesting and funny. As i told you, it is totally worth your time.  

Have fun watching "How I met your mother" 



February 05, 2010

The youtube magic!

YouTube having millions of videos posted enables people only to watch them and not download them for free. However many applications have been designed to download these videos for free. For eg: Type "youtube video download" in Google- many applications pops up in competition. You can either download them to your desktop and save your favorite videos or you can also download the videos online without having to download the application itself. 

Guess what?? The above said is already outdated. There is even more simpler way of downloading videos. 

Follow these steps:

1. Goto www.youtube.com and see what video you wanna download

2. Copy the address and switch to a new tab/window of your browser

3. Now in the address bar- paste the address and wait, dont click enter

4. In the address you have pasted replace y by 3 and leave the rest of the address as it is

5. That leaves us with www.3outube.com/(with the selected videos address)

The rest is taken care automatically. You will be prompted to a download page where you have to specify the preferred format and click save.


February 03, 2010

Yah Bin Goo

Wondering what it is?

Search engines are competing against each other at fast pace. But you dont have to confuse which search engine to use or keep switching tabs giving various search engine addresses to get your result. That is how YahBinGoo comes into the picture.

YahBinGoo(as the name implies) is the combined version of Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines i.e you can use three search engines at the same time.
Each of these engines have different strategy according to which the related websites to your query is listed. When this is the case why not have all the three major search engines on one screen when you search?!

Now the features

1. You can view the results of the respective search engine in tabs if you like

2. Press SHIFT and left click to open the link in new window

3. Press CNTRL and left click to open the link in new tab

4. Press ALT and left click to download the webpage

And there are some more tricks which you would find it useful

Start searching in an entirely new way!!

February 02, 2010


Are you a job seeker?
Are you in your final year of college awaiting placements?
Do you wish to get yourself into one of the tier one companies?
If yes, here you go..
There is an all new website you should check it out-interviewstreet.com

About the founders

InterviewStreet portal is started by two youngsters-Vivek Ravisankar and Harisankaran who finished their graduate degrees from National Institute of Technology, Trichy in 2008. They left behind their jobs at Amazon and IBM and started this portal which has a whole bunch of interesting features which I havent come across in any other portals so far.

Now about interviewstreet.com

So how does this different from the other ususal portals?
Heres the answer:
InterviewStreet enables you to attend mock interviews from highly skilled working professionals from the company you choose. Isnt tat cool??
At present they have four companies from which you can choose one- Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and CTS. They claim to add more companies in future. Once you register for a company, in around 2 days or so, you get to attend the mock interview.

There are pricing plans as well :
For Bronze, you get 1 interview and 1 multiple choice question test.
For Silver, you get to attend 2 interviews and 1 online written test with evaluation.
For Gold,you attend 3 interviews, 2 tests and feedback of each question answered.

Pay and get benefits accordingly.

Not only does this website offer mock interviews, it also gives a lot of interview tips, phone interview tips, workshops that are about to be held in colleges and a lot of important stuffs you need to check out.
And visit mcq.interviewstreet.com also. It has the mock aptitute, verbal tests etc.

My favourite part of the portal is the 'Articles' section which is too informative to ignore. So make it a point to go through it.

So guys, make the best use of this portal and get yourself into one of those tier 1 companies out there!

And good luck to interviewstreet team!


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