June 19, 2009

Experience the 3D web browsing

When we come across the word 3D the first thing that comes to our mind is real time experience. We have watched 3D movies, played 3D games and done animation in 3D also. But this being an era of Inernet, 3D web browsing is also possible.

SpaceTime enables 3D web browsing. I happened to watch a video demonstration of this SpaceTime browser and wanted to try it at once. Although in the video the demonstrator says that spaceTime requries any system that runs Vista, the download page of the setup file says that it runs in windows XP too. Good for me :)

In SpaceTime web browser, when you give the address and click Enter the page opens in a cover flow format and gets you the required info. And there is no "add tab" button like what you usually find in other browsers. Initially I was disappointed by this but soon I found a button at the bottom which says "Goto the previous item of the stack". Click this button which displays all the pages you requested for in a stack.

Visit http://www.spacetime.com/

SpaceTime browser is fast and user friendly too. Im having great time surfing thro this 3D browser :D

June 18, 2009

Falcon-A new web based image editor

Although we are aware of many web based image editors, Falcon has its own unique features worth trying it out. Falcon has all the basic image editing tools but what makes it even more interesting is its integration with Talon Firefox add on.

This image editor enables users to take screenshots of the web page and you can either upload it to the aviary site and start editing or save it to your desktop. It has all the basic tools like brushing tools, cropping tools, text tools, resizing and rotating tools etc.

To top it of all, Falcon has 4 powerful utilities provided by Aviary: Advanced image editor, Color editor, Effects editor and Vector editor. You can count on Falcon for fast editing and hosting of the image.

Visit www.aviary.com to explore falcon's features.
Try it like I did!

See ya with another post soon!

June 17, 2009

Reinvent the web with Opera Unite

Here comes a website which lets you to access your files in PC from anywhere in the world. All you need is the registration of your computer name to the website.

I just downloaded Opera Unite to explore its features and i was surprised to see how the installation did not involve any complex third party products. The norwegian company which owns Opera says it aims to make every system as a web server thus enabling the users to share their files with the rest of the world. Although sharing files is available in other products released so far, the uniqueness of Opera unite lies in making every system as a server. With this you dont have to be infront of your PC to access and share your files.

Once you register your computer name with the website, you are provided with the link that makes your job easy. There are other things that come along with Opera Unite-

1. A media player to play as well as to send the audio files to your friends. You can also change the setting to public or private by which you can or cannot let others access your files.

2. File sharing module lets you share your files instantly with your friends. You dont have to worry about attaching files to mail or setting up an FTP service any longer.

3. And there is something called Fridge where you and your friends can leave a note and you get a notification when someone leaves a note.This is like what we do in our daily lives- you leave a note in a specified place for the intended person to see. I really love to see this feature in Opera Unite!

4. Photo sharing-Now this doesnt need much explanation coz we have been through a million photo sharing softwares.

5. The lounge is a chat server right on your computer without any third party websites. Really cool!

6. Sharing files are not restricted to just audio and image. Now you can host your websites too and let your friends know what your favorite sites are. This feature changes Opera Unite from browser to web server.

A browser that comes along with all these features. So what r u waiting for?
Opera Unite is available for download @ http://unite.opera.com/
Have fun exploring the new Opera Unite!

June 16, 2009

The $20,050 Video game

If you are a game freak looking out for action games you will have to wait for just another year. And you will also need a touch table by IntuiLab called the IntuiFace table which costs $20,000. And the game costs $50.Wats so special about this game was the question that came to my mind once i read the headline. And the explanation was convincing. This fast paced game takes you through World WarII. It makes you feel like you are responsible for the success or failure of the battle. Action games always have gained popularity among the gamers and to top it of all this game in partticular gives them a real time effect.

This video game has many features like you can zoom in or zoom out any area in the battlefield and can also change the camera view to your convenience. What was even more fascinating is that the game didnt slow down even more a moment which i think is a major criteria in keeping up the thrill and fun of the gamers.

And the developers say that this technology has the ability to scale so that it would work well on tablet PC's too.

June 15, 2009

Safari 4-Downloaded by 11 million users in 3 days

Apple's web browser Safari 3 is upgraded to Safari 4 which was released few days ago. Within 3 days of its release, Safari 4 was found to be downloaded by 11 million users out of which 6 million downloads are done by Windows users.

According to Apple, Safari 4 is built on latest browser technologies like Nitro JavaScript search engine which enables this new browser to execute JavaScript nearly 8 times faster than IE8 and four times faster than Firefox 3.

Safari4 is said to have passed the Web Standards Project's Acid test. The company says that the browser supports offline technologies too. Be it Mac or Windows, Safari needs just 256mB RAM to perform well.

“Safari 4 is an incredible success on Mac and Windows with more than 11 million downloads in the first three days,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president

Happy surfing with all new Safari 4 !!

June 14, 2009

Weird gadgets I came across while surfing

While surfing,I was excited to see all these new, interesting and weird gadgets which i cant stop to pen it down here

Infant pillow:
This is something cute! New born babies need the constant touch of their mothers for them to sleep. I cant forget how my young niece would desperately want her mother to be near her not wanting her to let go anywhere,, lol..Heres something tat every mother would love

An artificial hand like gloves carefully designed mimics the size and touch of a mother's hand to let the infant know tat he is still under his mother's protection. But c'mon there is nothing like a mother's love that could be replaced by anything. At the same time, this gadget is something tat wud make everyone smile for a moment...

LED headphones:
Have you imagined yourself in possession of a pair of LED headphones that is blinking and attractive? That would be cool
But having no additional features is a disappointment. At the same time you cant deny the fact that its attractive. Rockstarts can use this during their show.

Day clock:
All we think about a clock is one with two hands pointing at some time. But this is something different. Its a day clock where the hand points to the day of the week.
Sweet!! This is for all who often forget which day of the week we are in. I think I deserve one!

Ghost detector strap:
I found this weirdest of all. For all who are so much scared tat u doubt the sizzling of leaves in wind to be due to some ghost,this ghost detector can help you out. Press a button on the Ghost radar and pray that it shoud turn blue. Coz that means you are in no danger. And if turns red, I think you should get ready to communicate with the ghost.

This comes as a feature in cellphone which makes it less complicated to carry it around. And guess wat the product is from Japan which is known to have too many haunted places.

Color changing watch with no hands:
Heres a new watch which tells time with colors. Blue color represents hour and red represents minutes.It is the color that travells around the clock and changes the numbers to the appropriate shade.

And the question arises would be what happens when the hour and minute tends to come at the same point say 12 o'clock or 3.15.
Well the color changes to purple at this point of time.

June 09, 2009


If you are a person who are looking forward for your favourite concerts , its schedules, updates, availablity of tickets etc, livekick is something that you would fall in love with.

Livekick is basically a ticket search engine tat lets u search for the available concerts near your location and the best prices of the tickets. Initially it gets to know the users' interest of who their favourite artists and their tastes. This can be done either by manually entering your favourite artist or by uploading your iTunes music library file. Accordingly livekick retrieves info about any concert near the user's location which matches their preferences .

Currently livekick's store contains the schedule for more than 75,000 concerts in U.S. Online ticket reservation is done with the help of sites like StubHub and eBay and it regularly tracks and displays the updates. The recommended sites will be available on the site itself which also provides an online calendar with the upcoming events.

Livekick also features an application that scans the user's computer for his/her favourite artists and updates them. You can get frequent updates about your favourite artists as well.

Sounds cool!!
Visit www.livekick.com

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