December 21, 2010

The Social Network

Looks like Ive already migrated from being a blog maniac to a movie maniac. Anyways I cant refrain myself from writing about The Social network which I saw recently and felt hard to come out of it. A very impressive movie.
Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and how he faces the lawsuits filed against him while making Facebook reach millions of people is all about The Social Network.

After breaking up with his girlfriend Erica, Mark gets drunk and decides to humiliate all girls by starting a website called "Facemash". For this he hacks into the residence halls databases available in Harvard network and gets the pictures of female students. With the help of Eduardo, he gets the algorithm. Facemash is about letting guys compare between two girls and choosing the attractive one. Initially Mark sends an email describing about the new website to his circle of friends which gradually attracted almost all the guys and of course infuriated the girls community. In just one night Mark's Facemash was about to bring the Harvard network down. As a result he was put on probation.

But the fact that he was able to create a website which became popular overnight attracted Winklevoss brothers to whom Mark agrees to program for Harvard Connection website.Eventually, Mark discloses his idea about The Facebook where people can share their information on a network and also decide who can be their friends. Eduardo agrees and helps Mark start up the website by giving thousand dollars. Meanwhile when Winklevoss comes to know of The FaceBook they try to sue Mark for having stolen their idea and the chase begins.

Initially, The FaceBook was restricted within Harvard campus and became very popular among the students. Having not forgotten Erica who is not a Harvard student, Mark decides to expand The Facebook beyond Harvard boundaries. Winklevoss brothers' opposition on Mark increases as the The Facebook grows.On the other hand Mark along with Eduardo meets Sean Parker. While Mark is quite impressed with Sean Parker, Eduardo doesnt seem to be happy with Sean company with them. As Sean suggested Mark drops The from The Facebook and makes it just Facebook.

Mark moves the base of Facebook to Palo Alto and Eduardo seeks advertising support in New York. Eduardo gets infuriated by seeing Sean's involvement in the company and as a CFO decides to freeze the bank accounts on which Facebook relied on. Mark then discloses that they have got an investor through Sean's contacts and that they should not crash. Eduardo visits the company only to know that his share has been reduced and he decides to sue Mark for it. That is when Facebook celebrates when its 1 millionth member joined the network.

Movie ends with Mark sending friend request to Erica and refreshing his page every second waiting for her confirmation. And Eduardo continues to be the CFO of Facebook.

Well narrated and well portrayed. If not for The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg's history would be less revealed. Thanks to David Fincher.
And when i saw the film I realised how badly I wanted to watch The Google Story too. I was impressed by just reading the book. Cant wait for long for Hollywood to portray LarryPage and Sergey Brin on screen.

Stay glued!

November 06, 2010

Magadheera-My View

Magadheera being the costliest movie in Telugu film industry has not failed to impress the audience with its extravagance. Money always has more impact on a movie than the script.


The story starts in 17th century where Ram charan Teja and Kajal Agarwal half killed falls from a mountain and dies.The only obvious thing audience can assume is tat they have loved each other and have failed to join hands.400 yrs later Ram charan is reborn as Harsha, Kajal as Indhu and so is the villain.Harsha seems to get a strange feeling which reminds him of the glimpses of his past birth whenever he accidentally touches Kajal's hands(not knowing it was her). He uncovers the truth and they fall in love and Raghuveer(villain) comes into the picture. He gets his doubts cleared about his past birth and decides to have Kajal at any cost.Misunderstandings arise between Kajal and Harsha for Harsha was mistaken to hav killed her father.

And the flashback rolls uncovering the mysteries of their past birth.Ramcharan was KalaBhairava then who has been protecting the kingdom and Kajal was Mitravinda Devi. Mitra and Bhairava are in love but the villain forces a competition and the winner would have both Mitra and Kingdom. Obviously,KalaBhairava wins but on request of Mitra's father, he agrees not to marry Mitra. A battle happens on the peak of the mountain where Mitra is half killed and by the time Bhairava comes to the spot,she falls off the peak. And so is Bhairava.

As everything is unveiled to Harsha, he is determined to win the battle and save Kajal which he has failed to do in his past birth. As the story moves they come to the same mountain peak in the climax. Harsha defeats his rival and wins his lady love.

My Comments:

* The flashback of the story- apart from the huge money and effort spent, is concentrated on portraying heroism  alone
* The BGM especially when Harsha and Indhu fall in love is too good.. (In fact, I had that tune as my ringtone for a long time ;)) 
* My applause to the crew which has been involved in making the 17th century sets
* "Dheera Dheera Dheera" song is hard not to keep humming.

Awards swept by Magadheera:

* 2009 Filmfare Awards South
* National Film Award
* 2009 Nandhi Awards 

"Magadheera" would be a feast for commercial lovers

November 05, 2010

Young Entrepreneurs from India making a difference(Way to go!)

Meet the world's youngest CEO

Here is an inspiring story of the World’s youngest CEO

                                            Suhas Gopinath

When 14-year-old Suhas Gopinath started Globals Inc ten years ago from a cyber cafe in Bengaluru, he didn't know that he had become the youngest CEO in the world.

Today, Globals is a multi-million dollar company with offices in the United States, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East and has 100 employees in India and 56 abroad.

Among the several honors that have been bestowed upon this young man, the most prestigious is the invitation to be a member of the Board of the ICT Advisory Council of the World Bank..

In 2007, the European Parliament and International Association for Human Values conferred 'Young Achiever Award' on him. He was also invited to address the European Parliament and other business dignitaries assembled in the EU Parliament. He is also recognised as one of the 'Young Global Leaders' for 2008-2009 by the prestigious World Economic Forum.

Suhas is the youngest member ever in the World Economic Forum's history. The other members include the Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio, musician A R Rahman, Prince of Brunei, etc.

In this interview from his office in Bengaluru, Suhas Gopinath talks about his decade long journey and his dreams for the future.

  Suhas Gopinath with former President APJ Abdul Kalam

•         On his childhood:

I come from a middle class family. My father worked as a scientist for the Indian Army. I used to study in the Air Force school in Bengaluru.

As a child, I was more interested in animals and veterinary science. But when I saw my friends who had home computers talk about it, I had this urge to learn and talk in their wave length.

But we didn't have a computer at home. In those days, computers were very expensive and we couldn't afford one.

So, what I did was, I located an Internet cafe near my house. With my modest monthly pocket money of Rs 15, I couldn't afford to surf the net every day.

I noticed that the shop was closed in the afternoon from 1 PM to 4 PM. So, I offered to open the shop for him after my school hours and take care of the customers.

In the bargain, he let me browse the net for free. That was the first business deal of my life and it turned out to be a successful one.

          Suhas with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

•         On building websites using open source technology:

Once I got the chance to manage the shop and browse the net, I started building websites. It became my passion in no time.

I got hooked to open source technology after I started looking for e-books on how to build websites. They were not available as they were created in propriety sources.

So, I started using open source to build websites.

On getting the first contract to build a website

There is a freelance marketplace on the web where I could register and offer my services to build websites. I registered myself there as a website builder.

The first website I had to do was free of cost as I had no references. It was for a company in New York.

My first income was $100 when I was 13 for building another website but I didn't have a bank account. so, I told my father that I built a website and got paid for it.

I was not excited to get the money because money was not a factor that drew me to it. It was the passion for technology that attracted me. I used to build websites free of cost also. I was only a 9th standard student.

After that, I built my own portal and called it It was focused on NRIs. It was a portal where I wanted to showcase my skills.

After that, many companies approached me to be their web designer.

Suhas Gopinath speaking to students' at a conference in Austria

•         On buying his first computer

When I was in the 9th standard itself, I had made enough money to buy a computer for myself. At that time, my brother was studying engineering and my father thought he needed a computer.

In no time, I also bought one for myself. But we didn't have a net connection at home.

My spending hours in the net cafe working on websites did affect my studies. I spent the entire summer vacation after the 9th standard in the cafe.

On rejecting a job offer from the US

When I was 14, Network Solutions offered me a part-time job in the US and they said they would sponsor my education in the US. I rejected the offer because that was the time I had read a story about Bill Gates and how he started Microsoft.

I thought it was more fun to have your own company. Many US companies used to tell me that I didn't even have a moustache and they felt insecure taking my services. They used to connect my ability with my age and academic qualifications.

So, I wanted to start my own company and show the world that age and academic qualifications are immaterial. I decided then that when I started a company, I would recruit only youngsters and I would not ask for their academic qualifications and marks cards. I follow that in my company.

        Gopinath delivering a lecture at the DLD Conference

•         On starting his own company at 14

Soon after my 9th standard summer vacation, I started my own company, Globals Inc. I wanted the name Global or Global Solutions but both were not available, so I named it Globals.

I registered my company in the US as in India, you will not be able to start a company unless you are 18. It takes only 15 minutes to start a company in the US.

I became the owner and CEO of the company. My friend, an American who was a university student, became a board member.

I was very excited because that was what I wanted to do. From that day, I started dreaming of making my company as big as Microsoft.

•         On doing badly in school

In my pre-board CBSE exam, I failed in Mathematics. The school headmistress was shocked because that was the first time I had failed in any subject. She called my mother and said she was horrified by my performance.

At home, like any typical South Indian mother, my mother made me swear on her head that I would focus on academics.

I told my mother that the world's richest man Bill Gates had not completed his education. Why do you force me then, I asked her. She then said, I am sure his horoscope and yours are not the same!

I come from a family where entrepreneurship is considered a sin. My mother was quite upset. She wanted me to do engineering, then an MBA and work in a good company.

As per my mother's wishes, I took a four-month sabbatical from my company and studied for my board exam. I passed with a first class.

I still feel that you cannot restrict yourself to bookish knowledge. I believe that practical knowledge is more important.

In the first year, the turnover of Globals Inc was Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100,000). The second year, the turnover went up to Rs 5 lakh (Rs 500,000).

Suhas receiving the Incredible Europe Innovation Award at Vienna

•         On looking at Europe as a market

Till I was 16 or 17, I didn't tell my parents that I had started a company. I kept it a secret because I thought they would object to it. They only knew that I was a freelancer.

We used to build websites and also offer online shopping and e commerce solutions. We even gave part time work to a few programmers in the US when we got many projects but we never had any office.

When I was 16, I saw that there were enormous business opportunities in Europe as a majority of the Indian IT companies were working for American companies.

When I contacted a Spanish company, it rejected my offer saying Indians do not know Spanish. As an entrepreneur, you can't accept rejection, especially when you are young.

I hired five student interns from some Spanish universities and told them they would be paid based on their successful sales.

They were the people who met the companies and bagged the projects for us. By now, we decided to have a home office in Spain.

I replicated the same model in Italy. I contacted some Italian university students.

Suhas meeting with Sheikha Nayhan, Minister for Higher Education, the UAE

•         On going to Germany to talk about entrepreneurship

The American newspapers were writing a lot about me as the world's youngest CEO at 14 from India, from a middle class background.

It was a good story for the BBC also. I never expected to be in the limelight. For me, starting a company was like realising a passion of mine.

On seeing these stories, a B-school in Germany invited me to talk to its students on entrepreneurship. I was 17 then. By now, I had completed my 12th standard and had joined Engineering in Bengaluru.

When I was 18, we set up an office -- the European HQ in Bonn. Then, we moved to Switzerland. Six months back, we started our operations in Vienna as well.

That is how we spread our operations from a small Internet cafe to become a multinational company with significant operations in Europe, Middle East, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.

•         On registering a company in India at 18

The day I turned 18, I registered our company in India as Globals, opened an office and recruited four people. I opened the office next to the Internet cafe where I started my career.

By then, he had closed shop and joined a factory as an employee. Whenever I met him, I used to tell him, 'you made me an entrepreneur but you stopped being one.'

•         On moving to creating products

We wanted our company also to be a product development company and our focus was on education, like the software that manages everything about a child while in school starting from admission till he/she leaves school and becomes an alumnus.

It is a nasty software which students are going to be quite unhappy about! This software was aimed only at the Indian market. I want to be the market leader in ICT in education.

Our software is being used in more than 100 schools all over India, Singapore and the Middle East.

We are now in the process of raising funds. Once we do it, we will separate the company into two -- service and product development. I want to concentrate on products as I can't sail on two boats.

World Bank president Robert Zoellick

•         On meeting former President Abdul Kalam

I met Dr Abdul Kalam when he was the President of India. I was 17 or 18 then. My meeting was scheduled for 15 minutes but we had such an intense conversation that it went on for one-and-a-half hours.

I didn't feel that I was talking to the President of India. We talked like two friends. He was sitting in his chair across the table but after some time, he came and sat next to me. He isi such a modest person that it was a learning experience for me.

•         On being on the board of the World Bank

As per the wishes of my parents, I joined engineering but didn't complete my engineering: like Bill Gates! When I was in my 5th semester, the World Bank invited me to attend their board meeting. I am the only Indian on the board of the World Bank.

The objective was to explore how ICT can improve the quality of education in the emerging economies, by bringing in accountability and transparency in their financial deeds.

Robert B. Zoellick, the president of the World Bank, decided that they could not have only Americans on the board and needed people from across the world. As they were focusing on education, they wanted young minds to add value to the work.

He preferred a young mind from an emerging country and that was how I got the invitation in 2005. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be on the board of the World Bank. The invitation was the most unforgettable moment in my life. I report directly to Robert B Zoellick!

Some of the others on the board are the CEO of Cisco, the vice president of Microsoft and the CEO of SAP; all Fortune 500 companies and me, the only Indian!

I am helping the World Bank set policies on ICT in university education so that employability can be enhanced. My aim is to reduce the number of unemployed eligible youth in the world.

Right now, we are concentrating on Africa. Soon, I want to shift the focus on to India. It has been an amazing experience for me.

But I had to discontinue my engineering education at the time I joined the board, as I didn't have enough attendance in college!

                                               Suhas Gopinath

•         On his dreams for his company

I have always believed that IT is not just technology but a tool that can solve the problems of people.

That is what I want to do in my company.

I want my company to be a market leader in software solutions concentrating on education.

When I was younger, I didn't care about money. Now that I am responsible for my employees, I care about what we make. If I am not bothered about money, we cannot scale up our business.

When I started my company from a net cafe in Bengaluru, I never ever imagined that one day my company would be a multi-million dollar company and I would be on the World Bank board as a member.

What drives me is my passion and it has been an amazing journey so far.

IMPRESSIVE article I came across!!

August 28, 2010

Interesting mail i thought i should share !!

The Person who killed Gandhi
Nathu Ram Godse.-was the assassin of 
Mahatma Gandhi.
Every Coin has two sides. Till now we knew a single side about this person. This post attempts to find out about the truths of Nathu Ram Godse.

Nathu Ram was born at the beginning of this century on May 19, 1910.His father Vinayakrao was in the postal service and her mother’s name was Laxmi.Nathuram attended the local school at Baramati up through the fifth standard. Then he was sent to live with an aunt in 
Pune so that he could study at an English-language school. During his school days, Gandhi was an idol to him.

In 1930, Nathuram’s father was transferred to the town of Ratnagiri. While staying with his parents at Ratnagiri, the young Nathuram first met 
Veer Savarkar, a proponent of Hindutva.

Nathu Ram along with Nana Apte published a newspaper “Agraani”.
Quoting an abstract from a play based on Nathu Ram describing himself -
“I never stole in my childhood, so there was no question of apologizing to my father. I never took a vow of celibacy as I was already practicing celibacy. I was moving around the refugee camps and helping the destitute with food and clothes. But I did not wander half-naked because the refugees were naked. I never spun yarn, never cleaned my toilet, never observed silence till I was hanged. There was only one common factor in Gandhi’s life and mine. We were both the cause of each other’s death. He wanted to live for his principles and I was prepared to die for my principles. ”

But the interesting part of the biography of Nathuram Godse starts on January 30, 1948. After the assassination of Gandhi
In a sense, I lived only for 655 days — from January 30, 1948 to November 15, 1949. But January 30 was an outcome of January 13.

The central government had taken a decision — Pakistan will not be given Rs 55 crores. On January 13 Gandhi started a fast unto death that Pakistan must be given the money. On January 13, the central government changed its earlier decision and announced that Pakistan would be given the amount. On January 13, I decided to assassinate Gandhi.
In his words -
“Time is eternal, indestructible. You can turn its pages but never, never tear them out. Gandhi has acquired some position in history which nobody can deny, not even Nathuram. The page will be there forever in fact. Sometime in the future, in some storm, the pages will flutter and there will be that same Gandhi’s page before the world. I don’t refute Gandhi’s theory of non-violence. He may be a saint but he is not a politician. His theory of non-violence denies self-defense and self-interest. The non-violence that defines the fight for survival as violence is a theory not of non-violence but of self-destruction. “ 

“The division of the nation was an unnecessary decision. What was the percentage of the Muslim population as compared to the population of the nation? There was no need for a separate nation. Had it been a just demand, Maulana Azad would not have stayed back in India. But because Jinnah insisted and because Gandhi took his side, India was divided, in spite of opposition from the nation, the Cabinet. An individual is never greater than a nation, Nana. But Gandhi has stared considering himself greater than the nation.“
on -”Jinnah wanted to be the prime minister..”

” But we never opposed a Muslim prime minister. In a democracy you cannot put forward your demands at knife-point. Jinnah did it and Gandhi stabbed the nation with the same knife. He dissected the land and gave a piece to Pakistan. We did picket that time but in vain. The Father of our Nation went to perform his paternal duties for Pakistan. Today, Muslims have taken a part of the nation, tomorrow Sikhs may ask for Punjab. The religions are again dividend into castes; they will demand sub-divisions of the divisions. What remains of the concept of one nation, national integration? Why did we fight the British in unison for independence? Why not separately? Bhagat Singh did not ask only for an independent Punjab or Subhash Chandra Bose for an independent Bengal? “

The immediate cause -
“I had written this before. At the time of Partition, when Suharawady surrendered only due to political pressure, but only Suharawady, not his followers…they went on with the massacre. Gandhi started his fast, the Hindus put their weapons down. I still remember that day. A poor Hindu told Gandhi, ‘I am putting down my weapons because I don’t want your death on my conscience but I am staying alone with my family in the Muslim area. That night, before leaving Hyderabad I visited his home. The whole household was screaming, weeping, his only eight-year-old son had been killed by the Muslims. He had no weapon to defend himself. He threw his son’s body on my lap and said, “Take his blood to your Mahatma. Tell him, if he goes on fast again, he can finish it by drinking not orange-juice but my son’s blood.” I could not say anything. Gandhi was the Father of my Nation. For a moment, I was tempted to pull out the Muslims from their homes and chop them down. But I controlled myself. Violence for self-defense is justified, otherwise it is an ill-cultured act. I returned to where Gandhi was staying but he had already left by car. Of course, there would have been no point in meeting him… he would only have prayed for both the killer and the victim. “ 

“I am going to assassinate him in the open, before the public, because I am going to do it as my duty. If I do it surreptitiously, it becomes a crime in my own eyes. I will not try to escape, I will surrender and naturally I will be hanged. ”
Godse assassinated Gandhi on 
January 301948, approaching him during the evening prayer, bowing, and shooting him three times at close range with a Beretta semi-automatic pistol.[3] Immediately after this, he surrendered himself to police, rather than running away. He said, “No one should think that Gandhi was killed by a madman”.
The sequence
It was 4.45 pm when I reached the gate of Birla Bhavan. The security staff at the gate was scrutinizing the crowd entering and I was a little worried about them. I mingled with a small group of people and sneaked inside.

It was 5.10 pm when I saw Gandhi and his close associates coming to the prayer place from his room inside. I approached the passage from where he was likely to climb the steps of the lawn, in such a way that I was covered by a few people.
Gandhi climbed the steps and came forward. He had kept his hands on the shoulders of the two girls.
The revolver was in my pocket, I released the safety catch. Though Gandhi was surrounded by people I was looking for an opening.
I wanted just three seconds more. I moved two steps forward and faced Gandhi. Now I wanted to take out the revolver and salute him for whatever sacrifice and service he had made for the nation. One of the two girls was dangerously close to Gandhi and I was afraid that she might be injured in the course of firing. As a precautionary measure I went one more step ahead, bowed before him and gently pushed the girl away from the firing line.
The next moment I fired at Gandhi. Gandhi was very weak, there was a feeble sound like ‘aah’ from him and he fell down.
Those who were close to me saw the weapon in my hand. They rushed away from the spot. Gandhi had fallen to the ground, I was standing and the crowd had formed a ring around us.
After the firing I raised my hand holding the revolver and shouted, ‘Police, police’. For 30 seconds nobody came forward and I scanned the crowd. I saw a police officer. I signaled to him to come forward and arrest me. He came and caught my wrist, then a second man came and touched the revolver… I let it go… 

“Gandhi used to claim the Partition would be over his dead body. So after Partition when he didn’t die, I killed him. My love for the motherland made us do it. I am not ashamed of it. Gandhi should have been honest to admit that his life was a failure. “ 
“Right from Pakistan and Bangladesh every Muslim is a converted Hindu. Gandhi’s appeasement attitude (towards the Muslims) went far too much. That was I killed him. Two hundred and fifty thousand Hindus were killed in Noakhali in October 1946. Hindu women were forced to remove their sindhoor and do Muslim rituals. And Gandhi said, ‘Hindus must bow their heads if Muslims want to kill them. We should follow the principle of ahimsa (non-violence).’ How can any sensible person tolerate this? “

Black out… Sounds of wireless, Hullo, Victor calling. Victor calling… Gandhi killed in firing. IGP and home minister rushing to Birla Bhavan. Inform the PM).

I have just tried to provide unbiased information about the murder of India’s freedom fighter Mohandas. K. Gandhi and his assassin Nathuram Godse.

 I believe like every coin , every event also has two sides…. The view points of the different parties involved and I believe the actual truth hidden somewhere in between all the viewpoints…. Never Blindly believe anyone… 

Lots more to come!!

Keep visiting! 

July 25, 2010

Epic Browser-The first ever Browser designed by Indians for India

Epic Browser is the first product of Hidden Reflex founded by Bangalore based Alok Bharadwaj. Initially Hidden Reflex constituted 3 members and has consequently grown up.

When I came to know that there exists a browser for India made by Indians, I went up to the site to download it. Ammmazing work!! It has everything you need on one browser. So many applications that you can add, so many customizable themes which is India oriented and so on.

I'l start with the sidebar that is inbuilt with the browser.
  •     Epic India is all about news of all categories
  •     Epic Indic Text is where you can type in any of the Indian languages
  •     Epic Skins lets you choose the themes and backgrounds and as i said it has lots to do with India
  •     The browser has an inbuilt antivirus, a text editor, snippets-which lets users highlight words/  images       and save them automatically to your hard drive.                                                            
  •     You can add your My computer,My documents etc to your sidebar for added convenience
  •     Aaah,,this is for people who spend endless hours infront of computers like me-To do applications         and timers.Very helpful tool- especially for me coz whenever I start working on my computer I             eventually get pulled by social networking sites. Reallly addictive!
  •     Needless to say, the browser has Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, Twitter,Yahoo,Maps in it. 
  •     Additionally icons like travel,games, jobs are also present
  •     Collections- The sites which the users open regularly can be put in a collection and can be opened 
  •     Then the ususal apps like History,bookmarks downloads are also present.
Users are allowed upto 1500 applications to the browser.

 Unlike other browsers, Epic browser claims that they do not save user's search data.The look and feel of the browser is too good. From now on Epic is gonna be my default browser.

According to Alok Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Hidden Reflex, “We want to prove that India can be a hub for innovation in software and technology."  Sure it is :)


July 21, 2010

Barney Stinson- a LEGEN-wait for it DARY character

How I met your mother is a TV show which revolves around 5 best friends who live in New York. Out of the 5, Barney Stinson has become popular and even the most favourite character for almost all the viewers. This is because of his timely comedy dialogues and pick up lines.Trust me, you cant stop laughing(provided u get his point ;))

I have watched the show a number of times and these are my favourite lines and scenes in it.
  • Lily : Hey nice suit, Barney
          Barney : Girls and fishes are attracted to shiny objects
  •  Barney: [About his brother] He's the awesomest, most best-lookingest, greatest guy ever!
           Lily: He's exactly like Barney.

          Barney: That's what I just said
  • Article 145:
         A Bro is never offended if another Bro fails to return a phone call, text or email in a timely fashion

  • To succeed you have to stop being ordinary and be Legen---wait for it-----Dary..!
  • You dumped a porn star? friendship over.(Yells again)FRIENDSHIP OVER
  • You know what your problem is Marshall? You've only slept with one woman. Those kind of stats are okay only if you're eleven.
  •  It will be legend-wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is dairy!

  • Robin and Lily has not seen each other for a long while and they met in a strange way. After a really long time they are going to talk now. Robin :"Your hair looks adorable!!"

  • Barney: Look around you, Lily! You are in the heart of Bachelor Country. And as a woman, you are an illegal immigrant here. Now, you could try to apply for a sex visa, but that only lasts twelve hours...fourteen if you qualify for multiple entry, heh!

  • An episode starts like this-Ted brings his date and introduces to his friends wanting them to like her. But none does and he's shocked and wanted to know the reason. It turns out to be like this- His date kept talking a lot and everyone got annoyed. When Ted comes to know this(glass shatters)-He did not notice this until his friends told.And the cycle continues-Ted tells Marshall that Lily is a loud chewer and GLASS SHATTERS in Marshall's mind. And when Lily comes to know this, she says to Robin- "As if Ted is all perfect..Mr.Corrector".And she explains Robin how Ted keeps correcting people for the tiny mistakes they do. And GLASS SHATTERS for Robin.

    At the end of it they all start accepting each other with their annoying habbits. Really funny..!
  • Ted becomes a professor and on the first day of his class while writting the word professor he gets confused if it is single  S or double S for the word professor.To top it of all he goes to the wrong class and screws up his first day as a professor. 
  • Nothing good happens after 2 a.m

Have fun watching "How i met your mother" show..
you'l luv it


July 18, 2010

Madrasapatnam-Flashback of singara chennai

The story starts with a British woman aged around 80 in London who says she wants to visit Madrasapatnam.In Chennai she desperately searches for someone and the flashback rolls way back to our Independence period(1947). 
Amy is the Governor's daughter who falls in love with paridhi(Arya) and obviously the opposition is the rest of the story. Arya promises her that she will never be seperated from him and she would live and die in India only.India gets its independence on 15th August and when Britains were supposed to vacate India comes the turning point. Life/Death/Love situation comes and what happens next is the story.


   Both Arya and Amy Jackson has done their jobs well. Arya's (naan kadavul) physique has helped him a lot in this movie. The first half of the movie makes the audience laugh hard though there are no lead comedy actors. The scene where Arya and  his friends try to learn English and the the part where they keep saying the word "thank you" just to remember it are the remarkable ones. The second half of the story is pretty serious and is mostly chasing and fighting-I could also say it was an "edge of the seat" experience.

Transformation of Madrasapatnam to Singara Chennai:
    Everyone knows Koovam as only a stinking river that flows around Chennai. This was not the case back in 1947.Ive crossed the same bridge that comes in the movie many times closing my nose.Felt really sad to see that  place being transformed to this pathetic condition today.Most of the scenes were taken around Central station. 

Love never fails:
     Arya calls Amy as "Dhurai amma".Amy wished to build schools and colleges to the people of India but unfortunately she could not. Surprises await her when she comes back searching for Paridhi after 60 yrs. 

Some Random thoughts:

    I have seen movies where audience used to clap and whistle at the beginning and the end of the movie. But this movie belongs to the rare kind which gets the attention and claps right from the beginning till the end. Each and every scene was admired by everyone.But I felt few scenes here and there are common and have been repeated in many movies. 

To conclude-This movie deserves a standing ovation

March 23, 2010

Vinnaithandi varuvaaya

Its almost a month since this movie got released and i know its pretty late to review it.. But i cant help it coz of my busy schedule (:P).. Anyways, I watched this flick twice in theatre(Adlabs, Pondicherry) and was moved. 
The screenplay, the chemistry between Simbu and Trisha, the mesmerising music by A.R Rahman, powerful dialogues, the wardrobe of the players, and a reasonable amount of romance and sentiment made the movie a blockbuster and one of my "favourite movies".

Gautham Vasudev Menon is not a new director to Tamil cinema. Be it a simple love story like "Minnale" or an action flick like "Kaaka kaaka", "Vettaiyadu Vilayadu" or a family subject like "Pachakili Muthucharam", not to forget "Vaaranam Aayiram" which is "you have to move on whatever happens" story, Gautham Menon has never failed to leave milestones in Tamil film industry. "Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya" is again a simple love story spun around two people which is screened interestingly. 

Now the gist of "Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya"

Karthik(Simbu) is an ambitious guy with high aims of becoming a film director(and of course his father doesnt approve which is quite usual :D). He falls in love with Jessie (Trisha) the moment he sees her and is surprised to know that she lives in the same house upstairs that was rented by Karthik's family.Ultimately they talk and spend time with each other. He is determined to go to any extent to win his lady love and she is determined not to let her parents down for any reason.Because Jessie belong to a staunch Christian family but she did fall for Karthik at the same time.When love blossoms, trying to be "just friends" wont work. So they decide to go for it inspite of the complexities involved with some(hopeless) hope. When this is the case, Karthik heads to Goa for 45 days for a project. As we know "long distance relationships" barely work. They part their ways. Two yrs later Karthik becomes a director and films his own story of how he met Jessie and fell in love with her(A tribute to his first love). He meets her again in America and what happens or what had happened to her in the past 2 yrs and whether they join hands or part is the climax of the movie. 

Very much practical,logical and a sensible movie with no unnecessary fights/ glamour/punch dialogues. Music is heavenly.Tracks like Hosanna, Mannipaya, kannukul kannai and Omana Pennae is not that easy to stop humming.The part where Karthik describes Jessy in America is just amazing.And thanks to Gautham Menon for showing a different Simbu on screen.Trisha is gorgeous as usual. To sum it up, its a pleasant story worth your time and money.

P.S: Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is more than just a "must watch" movie.


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