January 19, 2010

The Google Phone-Nexus One

Launched on january 5,2010 the Google phone has been the talk of the town since then.I happened to see the video of how the phone works and its various features and what else can i say-"Its supercool"

Google's Nexus One:

You would have lesser problems operating Nexus One in daylight compared to the other smartphones released so far. This is because Nexus can auto adjust the brightness and turns down the processor when it is not used.

When it comes to smartphones the rule is dont expect much when it comes to camera. Well Google Nexus has broken that rule. The 5 megapixel camera is a real feast. Comes with four auto focus, flash, 2*digital zoom and more. Video recording is possible to the max 30 mins.

The Android tops the OS market because of its high responsiveness and speed. Scrolling and opening programs are done instantly which makes Nexus the best of all Android handsets.

Nexus is incorporated with almost all the Google products. Google Voice is integrated in the phone. You can assign your voice mail number and use it to call your friends or text them.(I love this feature)

Now my favourite part of the phone comes- Voice to Text input feature. You dont have to type messages anymore. Just tell your message by pressing he microphone button and the phone types it for you (including the punctuation marks)..If I get Nexus microphone wud be the most used feature in the phone :D

And there is lots more like YouTube, Picasa, GoogleMaps etc.

Finally, you cant stop having fun with Nexus. I'd say Nexus is the best of Android handsets released so far.

January 17, 2010

The Avatar Sensation

The recent release of the much awaited movie from the Oscar winning director James Cameron(Titanic) has raised many controversies especially in Italy. Now lets be fair by first reviewing the movie before going to the controversial part of it.

A human getting stranded in a land of aliens and fighting back to survive is no different in Hollywood. But wait,,there has to be some difference coz remember the movie has been in the making for more than 10 years and it is directed by James Cameron who got Titanic numerous Awards.

The WETA Digital which was crowned for its work in "Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong" has once again proved itself in Avatar too. WETA used CGI technologies to transform the characters and the environment to the realistic 3D form leaving the audience spellbound.

No doubt the movie rocks!


Vatican is not happy with the film because it has no restriction for the kids to watch this hi-tech adventure film and no warning for parents .The rating of Avatar is PG-13 in all countries. Two Italian organizations -Moige and AGE has argued to increase its rating.
The film was already slammed by a newspaper in Vatican for promoting nature worship.

And China is also about to ban Avatar from cinemas

Wondering wats gonna happen!!!

January 16, 2010

Know this - How companies got thier names

CISCO: Short form of "San Francisco"

GOOGLE: Mispronounced Googol(which means 1 followed by 100 zeros) as                       Google

APPLE: Favourite fruit of Steve Jobs(founder). Also because he had worked                  in an apple orchard.

SUN: From "Stanford University Network"

INTEL: Acronym of "Integrated Electronics"

HOTMAIL:The founder was keen on a name that wud end in "mail".He chose                     hotmail because the word has the letters 'h t m l' in it.

ARICENT: Combination of two words-"arise" and "ascent"

MICROSOFT: From "microcomputer software"

MITSUBISHI: MITSU means "three" and BISHI means "diamond"(in Japanese) 

ORACLE: The founders worked on a CIA project the code name of which was                   known as Oracle

PEPSI: Named after a digestive enxyme 

COCA-COLA: Derived from coca leaves and cola nuts

HYUNDAI: Means "present age"/"modernity" in Korean

NIKE: Named after the Greek goddess of victory

SAMSUNG: Means "3 stars" in Korean

SKYPE: The original name was 'Sky Peer to Peer' which was was shortened                  to 'Skyper' and now its 'Skype'

SONY: Means "Sound" in Latin

VODAFONE: From the words Voice, Data and Telefone

VOLKSWAGEN: Means "people's car" in German

VOLVO: Means "I roll" in Latin

YAHOO: This word appears in Gulliver's Travellers which represents                                someone who is repulsive and barely human. The founders                                 considered themselves Yahoos

DAEWOO: Means "Great House"/"Great Universe" in Latin

ALTA VISTA: Means "high view" in Spanish

DIGG: Short form of "Diggnation"

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