February 18, 2011

Rockmelt- the social web browser

Rockmelt is a web browser which brings in the social media along with it.Meaning- You no more have to even open your Facebook/Twitter accounts in a seperate tab to use them. It is all present as inbuilt features in Rockmelt which makes it noticeable.
Well that is not it. There is some more you need to know about this web browser. To totally understand Rockmelt,lets know about "Chromium" and "WebKit" first.
Chromium is Google's open source web browser  project from which Chrome was built.
WebKit is a layout engine which renders web pages for the web browser.
To make it more clearer, Google Chrome and Apple's Safari is powered by WebKit. That is why we find many common features between the two browsers.  It is also said that Amazon's Kindle ebook reader uses WebKit for its browser. 
When i came across this information, the one question that popped up on my mind- Google and Apple uses the same layout engine for their browsers? INTERESTING!!
Initially WebKit was derived by Apple from Konqueror web browser and is now being extensively 
developed by the big shots like Google, Nokia,Apple, Bitstream and others.

Having briefed about the two important terms, we'l get back to Rockmelt browser which uses Chromium and WebKit.

Developed by   :  Tim Howes & Eric Vishria
Focus                 :   Google Search & Social Media
Launched          :   November 8,2010 (Beta version)
Rival                    :   "Flock" social web browser 

Notable Features:

i)   Facebook sidebar is present on the left side of the browser window which enables user to chat with his contacts.
ii)  The chat bar displays user's own status, display picture and his contact list.
iii) User can post on his friends' wall, message them or create favourites list without navigating to Facebook site.
iv)  Right side of the browser lets user to view his wall and notifications.
v)   Twitter is intergrated in Rockmelt.
vi)  Google search bar is present.

I know!!! All you need is here on one browser. A Feast to all social networking maniacs :) (Includes me)

Getting Rockmelt to your desktop:

i)   Goto Rockmelt website- www.rockmelt.com
ii)  Connect your Facebook account in the site.
iii) Receive an invitation mail.
iv) Download Rockmelt web browser to your desktop.

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