June 27, 2013

D cafe, T.Nagar

It was cloudy that afternoon in Chennai when my friends and I set off on the road searching for a this cafe we found in Zomato. Turning on the Navigation on our phones, we didnt struggle much to locate this awesome cafe in Bazulla Road. We were greeted warmly and were given iPads to choose menu from.

What caught our attention was there were seats of all kinds - outdoor seating where chairs and tables were mushroom shaped with artificial lawn as the floor and a fountain beside; the other kind was the traditional cushion and table; another one was literally a big cup and saucer which could accommodate five people within; and the last one was an Air conditioned family room.

We preferred sitting on the lawn until rain came pouring down making the place even more beautiful. By then, thank god, we were done taking pictures there :P Coming to the food, we ordered Nachos (it had cheese and vegetables on top of it. Cant recollect the name as it was on the menu), Cheese garlic bread ,Lasagna, Cafe Latte, Blueberry muffin and few more non veg dishes. I must say all we had was upto the mark and their service was welcoming although few of them had trouble talking english. But Cheese garlic bread was not tat used to be in other places. Instead of stuffing garlic along with cheese they had scrambled garlic as a topping over cheese. Nevertheless, it tasted ok. I was never a fan of Nachos but I loved it here. And Lasagna was not the same as what we had in Pasta Bar Venetto but this one had its own style and it was good too.

The cafe serves Italian, Mexican and Spanish food with affordable price.All drinks are non alcoholic. Symbolizing the cafe name, plates, glasses and cups had the letter 'D' written on it. The owner of the cafe should have given great deal of attention to interior decorations of this place which was quite obvious. Lanterns in this cafe were adorable(Had trouble to stop drooling over them).A cool place to hang out with your friends or family. Having set up recently D cafe is perfectly capable of attracting many visitors soon. If you are a foodie, you better not miss it.

After taking pictures around the cafe and having spent enough time there, we started to leave after 5 hours :D

Here are few pics taken from my mobile and few more from Zomato:

Cheers to people who made this place awesome! And keep up the good work.
It certainly is on my 'should visit again' restaurants list :)

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