October 02, 2011

Zha Cafe - Adyar, Chennai

As a tribute to the city that I enjoy living in, I have decided to start a new category in my blog which is "The must visit places in Chennai". I have been in this city for the past 5+ years and blogging for the past 3+yrs and Iam kinda shocked why on earth I did not think to write about the fun and unforgettable places. I am a person who love hanging out in different places, tasting different kind of food and enjoying the ambience of the place.

To start with, I will share my thoughts about Zha Cafe in Adyar since I was in this place a week back and was literally stunned by the way the cafe is presented. Gives you an "at home" and a peaceful atmosphere to spend time with your loved ones. It is a house which they have used it as a cafe with each rooms in each traditional style. One room represents Kerala with seat made as a boat house, another gives an office atmosphere, another with cushions layed down where you can sit and chat with your friends and also watch TV which is present in almost all the rooms.

A stunning atmosphere worth visiting. And about the food, If you want to take a break from the chats and pizzas, well then definitely drop in to Zha Cafe to taste the traditionally made filter kaapi, adhirasam, buttermilk in mud pot and more. It gives you a good break from the routines and also reminds you of home made food. Ambience and service are exellent. Customer friendly too.

The Place is owned by Arasi and I got to meet her in person last time I visited the place. She often gets in touch with the visitors and makes sure they are comfortable.

Get to this place and share your experience with me.

Happy Blogging!

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