March 28, 2009

Rage of Angels

Unlike stories like "Are you afraid of the Dark" and "Bloodline", Rage of Angels isnt a chasing one- very rarely u find this in Sidney Sheldon books.

A story about a woman attorney named Jenniffer Parker and things happening around her.

Having a great ambition to become a successful lawyer, Jenniffer Parker screws up her name in the very beginning and goes to a stage where she would have been sentenced not to practice law.
Adam Warner proves she is not guilty of charge and is responsible for her successful career. Adam Warner is likely to become the President of United States and is to marry Jenniffer Parker after the elections.

That would have been a happy ending for both of them. But its not.
Jennifer starts living alone with her kid Joshua where Adam could never reach her. Joshua becomes Parker's world. Michael Moretti, a powerful Mafia wants Jenniffer to be his attorney for which she refuses and at one point she gives in. If Adam had saved Jeniffer's career, Moretti has saved her son from a kidnapper. As a token of gratitude, she becomes Moretti's attorney.

Her life takes a different route when she starts handling Moretti's cases.
Her son dies and she sees to it that he remains happy in the coffin.

Thus Jenniffer's life is shadowed by two powerful men- one 'likely to become the president' and one Mafia boss.
True Love and Lust competes in the story and in the end she calls herself a "survivor" because love, happiness, sadness, death was not able to take her life off.

March 27, 2009


Having read almost all the major novels of kalki krishnamoorthy, I decided to move on to Sandilyan's works. And the first one happened to be kadal pura!
A story mainly based on a warship named Kadal pura and the hurdles that stood in the way of a ruler in capturing empires.

Kalki's novels are fast paced and stands as an epitome of a perfect work which is a combination of fun, thrill, suspense, beauty, humour and love. I missed some of these in kadal pura. There wont be a single soul who would dislike vanthiyathevan, fails to admire kundhavai and nandhini and appreciate azhwarkadiyar nambi.Ponniyin Selvan and Sivagamiyin sabatham are two great works which noone should ever miss.

Though certain things are not revealed in Ponniyin Selvan the readers are given the freedom to imagine and think about the best possible solution and it no way affects the flow of the story. Maybe that is one of the beauties of PS.
In Kadal Pura, an important character is addressed only by nickname throughout the book and I kind of expected that the author would reveal her name at the end.

Maybe as some of my critics said i should take a break from kalki's series and be prepared for a different story telling approach too. Il try that anyway and im keen on reading YavanaRani of Sandilyan which is yet another "must read book" of my list.

March 25, 2009

The Pomegranate phone

It is only in less than 10 years, that cell phones started becoming popular irrespective of educated or uneducated. The earliest phones only had the capacity to make or receive calls, text messaging and a few more features. Today we own a phone which has way more advanced features. With the release of the third generation phones- the iPhone, most of us wonder its functionalities and legitimate appearance.

Its time to wonder knowing about this pomegranate phone. Have you ever thought about a mobile phone having features inevitable to life? Well we'l explore what makes pomegranate phone give us a breath taking experience.

Apart from the basic features like internet browsing, mp3 players, video players, touch screen and GPS, this phone can be used as a projector. You upload a document or a video and mount it somewhere on a table and visualize it on a screen. If you are a movie buff planning to buy a home theatre, its wise you buy pomegranate phone. Better portability and easier to us.

Global Voice Translator (GVT) is yet another new feature. Pomegranate phone supports 50 languages thus enabling to bring together people of various regions talking various languages.
Language is no more a barrier for communication. You speak into the pomegranate phone in your language and the phone translates into the other language you selected for and is received in the other pomegranate phone of the receiver. So no matter which country you go to or which language your friends speak in- unless you own this phone.

You can now brew your own coffee while you are on the phone- (incredibly) by your pomegranate phone. Select which coffee you wish for and give the phone a glass of water and it prepares coffee for you in no time.

For all the people who think their time is too precious to be spent shaving their beards, well pomegranate phone offers solution for that too. It has sharp razors in it which can be used for shaving while you are on the phone. They say they save our time. To be honest, i felt this feature is weird. But still, the phone houses features which are hard even to think. Good try though.

And then comes the entertainment part. You can play music through your pomegranate phone like you do in a mouth organ.

But do visit the site:

I came to know this from one of my friends. What he said was- Go to this site and you will throw your phone out. lol, but thats true- I was taken aback by watching the video.
The site gets loaded slowly. It kind of tested my patience to some extent :)
But then i felt, the video was worth the wait.

Try in different browsers for convenience.

March 13, 2009

The moment of truth

"The Moment of Truth" is a new TV show I started watching for the last 2 weeks. Its an American game show being telecasted @ 9 p.m from Monday-Wednesday(inIndia) on star world.

Unlike any other game show, this is not about the participant answering the questions and winning money. The moment of truth is something much more complicated .

Before the show begins,the participant is made to undergo a polygraph test which contains more than 50 personal questions. The answers of the test remains unrevealed.

And now the actual show begins- Mark Walberg begins asking questions from the participant's personal life(based on the polygraph test) for which the participant has to answer truthfully in order to get the money. Else he loses and the game ends.

A simple concept but the questions asked are so embarrassing. You cannot cheat coz the results of the polygraph tests are recorded. I was really amazed when i first saw this show. People come enthusiastically to win money but they end up putting their heads down in shame for revealing the truth in front of everybody( including the ones who they thought should never know a truth)

Many relationships have been broken right there on stage. Sad though.. There are certain levels of games where you can wish to stop the game. Nobody so far has dared to answer all the 21 questions and win $500,000 dollars. With each level, the questions become increasingly personal as well as embarrassing.

There are six tiers of questions of which the 1st tier has 6 questions, 2nd tier has 5,it goes on and finally 6th tier has one question to answer which could fetch you $500,000 .

The participants are forced to answer honestly and if they dont 1)they dont get the money,2)after each and every answer the polygraph test answers are interpreted and it announces if the participants answer is true or false. So there is no way in hell you can cheat. So might as well tell the truth and get the money.

Fake friendhips, love for money sake, dishonest spouses, cheating in the workplaces, being drugged, stealing money, being prisoned and there is so many these people have tried to hide from their closed ones for years. And everything gets revealed in front of everybody when you come to play this game. At the end , it becomes way too much to digest all these (now spoken) truths for the participant's parents/spouse/friends etc.

Trust me,, the game is so interesting.

This show is based on the Columbian Tv show called "Nothing more than the truth".
The show is hosted by Mark Walberg.

March 12, 2009

And now the iPod talks !!

Being an "Apple" fanatic, I usually keep seeing what its new releases are. Here you go,
The iPod which evidently has become a favourite gadgets to many because of its simple structure, user friendly and portability. Its affordable as well. This applies to both iPod nano and shuffle.

Coming to iPod shuffle,these are very simple with just 5 buttons and a flexible handle less than the size of your thumb. This has already become a hit in the market. And now like adding feather to the cap, Apple has introduced a feature which enables the iPod to talk.

It tells you what song is being played in the playlist and who the performer without interrupting the music and this is possible by just pushing one button. This is done by VoiceOver technology. A 4GB iPod shuffle can now play around 1000 songs. This VoiceOver doesnt limit itself to just music. You will be alerted when the iPod needs to be charged too.

Language is not important for music and this new iPod shuffle seems to know it. Coz VoiceOver can talk 14 different languages. Its inbuilt music library plays you the music from all over the world. So you hear songs in spanish, japanese and many more.

And for the first time, this iPod shuffle features multiple playlists as this was not available in the previous version of the product. Voice Over tells you the name of the playlists too thus paving way for easy navigation across the playlists.

The product has come up with a very user friendly nature so that it can be used with anyone with little effort.
Have fun using the new iPod shuffle.
Hats off to Apple :)

March 08, 2009

Fun facts but true!!

well, I'l take a break from writing technical things and I wanted to share these fun facts with you.

* Have you ever tried licking your elbows? well, dont even try,,,tats impossible.

*When you sneeze, your heart stops functioning for a millisecond and if you sneeze too strong,
you can possibly damage one of your ribs. And if you suppress it you would probably rupture
one of your blood vessels.(So next time you sneeze, beware of it):P

*We know many tongue twisters exist, Of them, the toughest is said to be "sixth sick sheik's sixth
sheep's sick". I bet you can never succeed trying to say it fast.

*Wearing headphones for one hour increases bacteria in your ear by 700 times (Shit! I would be a
bacteria factory i guess)

*For ages US have been claiming they have no knowledge about aliens. But there exists a law in their govt saying that it is illegal to have contact with extra terrestrials. (sattru sindhika vendiya vishayam). For law people - that law is stated in Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

*Most lipsticks contain fish scales (Im relieved)

*Similiar to finger prints, tongue prints are unique too

*You cannot touch your nose tip with your tongue.

*There is a lawsuit filed every 30 seconds in U.S

*Ostrich, in its life time of 80 years does not bury its head in the sand not even once. (I wonder how jobless people are trying to find out if an ostrich will bury its head or not!!!!)

The facts furnished above are true to my knowledge :P

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