May 02, 2011

If God was a Banker

Ravi Subramanian is the author of "If Gos was a Banker". I have a very few friends who are interested in reading books. Which means I did not have the slightest idea about how the story/author's way of narration would be. Yet I strongly believed that this book would be a real feast when I read the gist on the back cover. It was true.

"If God was a Banker" is a story which revolves around five people out of which four among them are fresh out of college and about to enter their career. The fifth person, well you can call him a mentor. When it comes to work, all of us fall under either of the two categories :
1. You do anything to impress your higher authority just for the sake of good name and publicity i.e) result oriented.
2. You do what you think is right and remain honest to yourself and follow the right path i.e) process oriented.

Sundeep falls under the first category and Swami under the second. Who wins and loses what is the main plot. Other two are the girls - Natasha and Kalpana. All of them join New York International Bank as freshers under Aditya(Head of Retail Banking) but the way they took for success is different.

Aditya recognizes the right talent for his Retail banking in India and selects the four people to work on his project. Both Swami and Sundeep succeeded at the same pace but Swami was slow, honest and never felt jealous of Sundeep's success but Sundeep was just the opposite. Kalpana and Swami get married and so is Natasha and Sundeep. When Aditya quits both of them become helpless and thus Sundeep fall in wrong hands which he only regrets when it was too late to get back.

A good lesson for all who start their career. Aditya is undoubtedly a real hero after Swami. The book was written in such a way that the story didnt slow down anywhere in between. Hats off to Ravi Subramanian.
He deserves an applause.

Do read it for sure. Worth your time.

I have already bought the author's second book "Devil in Pinstripes" :)
Hope its good too.

Keep up the good work Ravi Subramanian.

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