May 25, 2009


Wondering wat it is?
We know that many search engines are out there working hard to become
the ultimate option for searching among people. In that list comes Omgili.
Wat has Omgili tried is that it retrives information from just forums
and discussion boards telling what people have discussed about that
particular topic you are searching for. To make it more interactive
Omgili launched Google@Omgili.

Google@Omgili provides similiar results to that of Google at the same
time retaining the unique features of Omgili. Visit

Here u have 3 options-u can search Omgili or search google or both.
Searching Omgili or both Google and Omgili retrieves info with a
bubble beside the
links saying if there was any discussion about the
topic and if so how many. And theres a small box at the right side of
the link generating a preview of the web page right there.

“As most of you are searching Google to find information, we
created a new service, named Google@Omgili, that integrates
Omgili into Google in a manner that should make searching
Google even better." says Omgili CEO Ran Geva.
Omgili clearly says that it not endorsed or sponsored by Google.

Good luck to Omgili team!

May 23, 2009

Social networking sites becomes ineviatble these days

Heres an example of how much social networking sites are becoming a part of human life.

Pope Benedict XVI has launhed a new Facebook application named as "Pope2U".

Pope2U in Facebook lets people receive the Pope's messages through this social networking site. So you can see Pope in Facebook, receive his messages, get his blessings and wishes through postcards also.. And u can send those e-post cards to your friends..

How cool is that!
And this is a good change welcomed by all.

Not long back I came to know tat US President Barack Obama has a twitter account too. You can check his updates here.

Hats off to the these netwoking sites which are making things around us simpler!

May 20, 2009

The Biscuit battle :P

hey pals,If you are a foodie like me then there is something that you should be knowing... just a small piece of info.

In this competitive world who will not want to get the top most position?
So does the snack companies. When asked to vote for "Which is your favourite biscuit", around 400,000 people participated and based on the results, MSN has released the list of the most popular snack. Here you go,, see which position your favourite snack is and yaaay three of my favourite snack is already on the list :) cool

1. KitKat
2. Cadburry's Finger
3. Milk Chocolate Digestive
4. Twix
5. Maryland
6. Chocolate HobNob
7. Caramel Digestive
8. Animals
9. Bourbon
10. Penguin

So KitKat is crowned as "Officially The Best Biscuit" :)

May 17, 2009

Mac Vs PC - Conflicts of ads

The steady competition between these two giants increase in the form of ads. With the release of "Get a Mac" video ad, Microsoft made Redmond company to make many advertisements in an attempt to turn the customers from buying Mac.
In the latest Laptop hunters ad featuring a mother and a daughter, where they end up buying a dell laptop ignoring a $2000 Mac. The main reason for rejecting Mac is its price(As said in the ad).

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May 09, 2009

Cisco Fatty-the one which became an overnight internet sensation

Do u think its possible to ruin your job with one single post on a social networking site?
well yes.

A Cisco applicant posted the following on Twitter:
"Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the
daily commute to San Jose and hating the work."

(FYI: San Jose is the headquarters of Cisco)

Tim Levad, a channel partner advocate for Cisco Alert saw this tweet and replied back:
"Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web."

So wat do you think has happened after this? She lost the fatty Cisco job in minutes and this spread so fast and made a sensation overnight.

Why humiliate yourself in the name of sharing your thoughts with everyone. Or you shud be smart enough to change the settings so that your updates can be viewed only by your friends.

So guys beware of the status messages you give in the social networking sites. A small fault somewhere can get u fired in no time.

May 07, 2009

Zoozoo ads-cant stop laughing

We've been watching advertisements of all sorts ever since we bought a television. But nothing like Zoozoo ads had made such a sensation throughout.
Vodafone advertises its features like cricket alerts, beauty tips,back up, games,chota recharge,Avoid callers,Stock updates, bakthi sagar,international roaming,maps,magic box,dating alerts etc which is cast by the character called zoozoo telecasted during IPL.

These ads seem to be animated but its not. Its all real humans in zoozoo costume. Ogilvy and Manther is the agency that handles all
the advertisements for Vodafone. It wanted to make humans look as animated as possible. All these ads were shooted in South Africa just at the time of IPL.

Has become a quick hit though. All these ads are just 20 to 30 secs of duration.

Q&M has agreed to make 29 commercial ads for the entire IPL season most of which are already aired and is no doubt has become a break through. And my favourite ones are the ad that comes for busy message and cricket alerts.

Zoozoo ad for cricket alerts:

Here's the making of Zoozoo ad-a must watch video

Hats off to the people who acted as zoozoo characters

May 04, 2009

Grudge- the so called horror movie

Grudge belongs to the horror movie genre . Begins with a man who kills his wife, his kid, a cat and then hangs himself in a house in Japan. The house becomes haunted and anyone who comes in contact with it dies. So the first part has nothing to do with getting scared. Second part has many people involved in it at the end of which everyone dies.

Grudge 3 was released recently and i happened to watch it. A slight difference at the end is made. Otherwise its all the same. And its a bit scarier this time.

Japan is known to have a number of haunted places. They could made it better. "Y on earth doesnt anyone scream when they see a ghost" is the question that arises in everyone's mind. (Maybe because they dont look that scary). But the very important thing in a horror movie is the sound effect which is totally kept aside in Grudge.

And the kid that comes as a ghost should be mentioned. In Grudge 3 there are 2 sisters, the younger one wud be 7 yrs or so. She is about to sleep and this ghost kid comes and touches her forehead and is making her to sleep. Is this wat a ghost is supposed to do. Y does the director makes everyone smile while watching a horror movie. And C'mon the kid looks cute which is another drawback of this film.

"Scary movie" series is a popular one which had imitated all the thrillers tat hav been released so far and it was too funny. The above mentioned scene and 2 more scenes made me feel like im watching "scary movie" collection.

Before shooting the film they shud have watched "13 am number veedu" (tamil horror movie) and "shock" (for sound effect). Or atleast "Shutter".

But of all the three parts of Grudge tats been released Id say Grudge3 is better coz it has some suspense towards the end.

May 02, 2009

Dell design Studio's work of art

I so want to buy a laptop very soon. After browsing through many sites i came across this

Now u dont have to be one among the many who uses the typical grey and black ones.
For all those who are interested in having a better outlook of their laptops besides its functionalities, Dell would be your choice.
Dell is the first to introduce a collection of customized art for your laptop.More designs are available for Studio 15 and Studio 17 models.Gives a rich look and a sense of pride to the one who owns it.

But the sad part is tat its available only for Studio laptops and not for the inspiron ones.
(Studio is supposed to be costlier than inspiron)
Lets just hope tat these design comes in inspiron as well in future.

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