April 11, 2009

If Only

This movie had been in my hard drive for about 2 months. May be because of the busy schedule or watever i kept skipping this movie. I regretted it after watching it.
A love story-well thats not just it. We hardly realize the importance of someone close to us and whats the point regretting when they are gone? If Only is all about this concept..

Ian Wyndham(Paul Nicholls) and Samantha Andrews(Jeniffer Love Hewitt) are married couple each one with slight disappointments with the other. Ian fail to realize the pleasures that really mean a lot to Samantha. When he gives a thought to their relationship, it is a mysterious cab driver who enlightens him. He asks him-"If Samantha is in a flight that happens to crash, will u be able to live without her?" And he replies "No". The Cab driver says"Just love her". He has a terrible nightmare where one thing led to another and eventually Samantha was hit by a truck and is about to die.

It was only when he woke up, did he realize tat it was just a dream,,. But its not JUST A DREAM.
Everything was happening exactly the same way as it was in the dream. Ian was desperate not to lose Samantha. He felt that it was the last day with her and he does everything he could to make her feel happy. The cab driver is the same as the one who came in the dream but this time its not just Samantha in the cab but Ian as well- determined to beat the fate and save his lady love.

But things happen other way around. A movie worth watching !!
I heard many of my friends say "P.S I Love you" is a must watch movie but i found "If Only" better than "P.S I Love You". So would you!!

College life comes to an end

When i finished my board exams i wrote many entrance exams like AIEEE,VIT entrance exam and SRM entrance exam. When i first set foot in SRM, one thing i liked about it was the ammmazing infrastructure. I joined SRM in 2005 in the Information Technology dept.

First year, i would name it a confusion period. Who to and who not to trust, wat is she/he like?.. On the contrary, hostel life was remarkable. I had a great time spending with my friends in hostel. I started loving hostel life. So many people of different languages from different places to talk with. In class, everybody seemed so serious about their studies and it was to vague, I didnt get along well initially. I used to hate a few girls in my class. To my surprise,they are my best pals today :)
In short, coll life in first year sucked big time and hostel life rocked.

Second year was the enjoyable period. A girl who i hated a lot sat beside me in data structures class and Im still wondering how we became friends. Maybe because both of us liked cracking jokes and listening less in the class :P Hostel life was too good as usual. I have never slept before 2.30 in the morning when i was in hostel, And there are times wen we slept only at 6 in the morning ,. Late night chattings, watching the latest releases, books, mess food( wasnt tat messy..thank god), 6 o'clock attendance, knocking the warden's room @ midnight and running away... hell a lot of unforgettable memories.

I would term the third year as placements period. Quantitative aptitude classes, C++ classes- i got so fed up tat i stopped preparing for anything initially. When we go out for movies in the weekends we will never turn up @ 6 in the hostel. So many excuses and so many warnings lol,, And hostel life was the most enjoyable in third year. And then the night before placements, me clearing the first round in TCS and my 35 mins of interview- all seems to be like yesterday. Another remarkable thing is our trip to goa and bangalore for a week. Tat was the best of all- Staying and having food in a star hotel made a lot of difference, biking in the sea, shopping in bangalore- everything was well planned and it was awesome.

Final year-the fun period- Theres something special when you are in final year. No one can ask you anything :P. For the first 2 yrs, me with all my class mates were keen buying books in moore market(a place where all engineering books are sold cheap), In third yr, well the books were replaced by xeroxes and in final year- its worst we study from the internet :). I quit the hostel for some valid reasons and everyone having placed in different companies are ready to part now. We somehow managed to get permission for our next trip to ooty and we are all set to leave :) Every single day meant a lot to me.

I love my college life even though there were times i was happy, sad, frustrated, disappointed, irritated and everything,.. Certain things didnt turn up so well as i expected but i learnt to along with life.. After all life is all about learning new things.

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