September 22, 2009

My English ebook collection

Im uploading all the ebooks here which I had been collecting and reading for years. You can download them here for free. You can also buy some books from Amazon which I think is worth buying.  If you feel any book should be added feel free to drop me a line .

download here!

In response to my readers' repeated request to check the broken links, I have bundled up all the english e books and have shared the link with u. Click on the above button to download.
Below are the list of ebooks that would be present in the bundle.This should be working!


Rage of Angels
Nothing Lasts Forever
Morning Noon Night
Memories of Midnight
If Tomorrow Comes
Best Laid Plans
A Stanger in the Mirror
Are you afraid of the Dark
The Doomsday Conspiracy
Tell Me Your Dreams
The Naked Face
The Other Side Of Midnight
The Sands of Time
The Sky is Falling
The Stars Shine Down
Windmills of The Gods

To Cut a Long Story Short
Kane and Abel
Twelve Red Herrings



Da Vinci Code                                       

Angels and Demons  
Digital Fortress     
Deception Point   
The Lost Symbol           


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Mutation by Robin Cook


Around the world in 80 days

Biggest World Secrets

The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Google Story

Business at the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates

Pride and Prejudice

The Man On the Iron Horse

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Mein Kamph by Adolf Hitler

Dead Love by Russel

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

The Arabian Nights

September 21, 2009

Tamil eBooks from my hard disk

 Reading interesting books is fun no matter how they are presented to me- book/ebook. Some of my friends though not comfortable reading a book in pdf format had requested me to upload all the ebooks I have in my blog so that many users may find it useful. Searching for a book by a particular author is not always an easy task especially Tamil ones. Some sites are fake, some demand payment and the rest keep linking the other sites on and on. I spent endless hours doing this and at the end of the day I had little reward for my search. I have hosted all my Tamil ebooks here. Click the link and give your email id and the ebook will be delivered to your mail inbox.

download here!
I have bundled up all these books and shared it here.
Some of the links below are broken. Please click here to get the books from one of my new posts. 

                        Ponniyin Selvan                     
Solaimalai Ilavarasi

Mohini Theevu

Alai Ocai part


Kolaiyuthir Kaalam
En Iniya Enthra
Meendum Jeeno
Pirivom Santhipom part1
Pirivom Santhipom part2
Srirangathu thevathaigal
Kadavul irukkirara


Jeyakanthan short stories 1

Jeyakanthan short stories 2

Jeyakanthan short stories 3


Dhevathaigalin dhevathai by Thabu sankar
Thanneer desam by Vairamuthu

Im looking forward for more books by authors like Indhra Soundharajan and Madhan. I'l add it here if I find them.


September 19, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan

The legend's (legends)  new sensational movie. I managed to watch Unnai Pol Oruvan on the second day of its release. Kamal Haasan as we know is a person with different thoughts and approach has once more proved his uniqueness by giving Tamil film industry a new dimension. 

MohanLal and Kamal Hasan's combo with Shruthi Hasan's background score makes the movie an ultimate one. The answer for terrorism is nothing but terrorism. This is wat the movie is about. Sharp dialogues in the movie are just wonderful. And the scene where he says he has become an invisible man because his name is not in the voter's list has got the audience acceptance. 

Sethu and Arif are two efficient police men and we have seen Arif already in Abhiyum Naanum and in a few ads. This role suits Arif better than anything else. If it was any other typical commercial movie the chasing scene of a culprit by Arif would have been shown in slow motion and in all angles. Thanks  to Kamal (for avoiding all those unnecesary attention).  And how he reacts when sethu shoots his hand- EXCELLENT. There cant be a single person who could resist a smile. Anuja who comes as a TV reporter as Natasha Rajkumar( starred in Sivi and Ninaithale inikkum) seeks attention by smoking. 

Lakshmi is so apt for the role of Chief Minister's secretary. A guy from IIT is brought in who seems to be good at ethical hacking is the one who had acted with Vineeth in "May Matham" movie. All the characters have done their job very well and they really deserve an applause. Kamal's sense of humour is outstanding but still it doesnt affect the seriousness of the story. 

The movie has no distractions like songs, dance, romance, duet, glamourous artists and deals only with a heavy subject- the power of a common man. 

Hats off to Kamal Hasan and MohanLal and a great applause to the entire crew.

A Must watch!

September 13, 2009

Ninaithale inikkum

Ninaithale inikkum is the remake of a malayalam movie "Classmates" which turned out to be a block buster. But the movie is not exactly the same scene by scene. Now the story

Ninathale inikkum:

The movie starts with the get together function arranged by Shakthi's parents. Shakthi is a music lover who always wished for a music library in college, now that he is dead his parents wanted to fulfil his dream in the presence of his friends. So everyone is here for the reunion and suddenly Shiva(Prithvi Raj) is found struggling for life since someone has tried kiling him with guitar string. 

Now the flashback which reminds you of the good old college days. Shiva and Vaasu(Karthik) are rivals but Shakthi remains a mutual friend of both. Shiva falls in love with Meera(Priyamani) the first day he comes to college but fails to disclose it till final year. Their love is only for a short span. Vaasu makes Meera to stand in college election as Shiva's opponent and does everything that would make the couple break up. 

When the election results are to be out Shakthi is found dead in the generator room. Everyone was convinced with the reason of his death. But the truth is something else. Shiva discontinues and leaves to Mumbai. 

Who could have killed Shakthi? What has that got to do with Shiva? And who is trying to kill Shiva? The mystery unfolds through another flashback told by the muslim girl(whose name I cant recollect) who he had loved. 

A few twists and turns here and there makes the movie run @ fast pace in the second half. 

Azhagai Pookuthey song tells it all- A master piece.

In Classmates - the original malayalam version Priyamani's role was played by Kavya Madhavan and Karthik's role by JayaSurya, Prithvi Raj in both the versions,Shakthi's role was played by Naren. 

Worth watching!

September 11, 2009

The new iPod from Apple

Apple which is known world wide for its user friendly gadgets has extended the features of its Nano iPod. Apple iPod came in two categories- shuffle and nano both of which had become a sensation once it entered the market. Nano which has been serving only music to millions is now coming up with video camera, Music genius, FM, VoiceOver and Fitness. Wats even more exciting is the size of the iPod is still the same. 

Video recorder:

With a few scrolls you could access the video camera and start recording the fun things happening around you. A built in mike lets u record the audio too. 

Music Genius:

Now this is not something new for those who are familiar with iTunes. When you really love a song you could turn on the genius in the nano which brings you a playlist of songs that would sound great with the one you love. If you are not satisfied with the playlist refresh it and give it a go for another combination of songs. 

And one of the best features of iTunes is Cover Flow which will be available in the upcoming Nano too. You cannot find an easier way to browse through your songs. And just give the Nano a shake to shuffle the songs. Pretty cool 

FM Radio:

FM in Nano is not just the FM you listen daily in your other gadgets. Besides playing the station you tuned in it also tells who and what you are listening to. Two mind blowing features which comes along with FM- Live pause and iTunes Tagging. If you had to go for a break while your favourite song is playing, just pause it and go ahead. The song is all yours and you can play when you want to. You can also rewind and fast forward it. And its still FM ( APPLE, YOU ROCK).

And what is all about iTunes tagging ? Say you listen to a song in FM and you seem to like it. When you goto iTunes library you forget the name of the song. Is this happening with you? Then new Nano makes it simple for you. You  can tag the songs and make a list of all the songs you like. Later when you synch it with iTunes you can download them as you wish.

Voice Over:

This is something that was already put in iPod Shuffle as an additional feature. Voice Over tells you what song you are listining to and also the artist without interrupting your music. And it talks multiple languages too. 


The built in accelerometer helps you to remain fit. You just turn it on before starting from your place to see how many footsteps you take to meet your goals. 

8GB iPod Nano costs $149 (around Rs.7000) and 16GB costs $179( around Rs.8500). Totally worth it and I cant stop falling in love with Apple gadgets. 

Waiting to get my pay cheque so that i get one. 

September 01, 2009

The after effects of Gmail outage

Yesterday Gmail seemed to be down for a while as a result of which millions of users were not able to access Gmail. The first thought that came to my mind was if it was only me having this problem and then I was relieved when I found tweets like  "Gmail is down", and many queries like"Is Gmail down?". 

Millions of users have posted in various social networking sites. Twitter's one of the most trending topics yesterday was Gmail outage. But it was only for a while. Google informed their users that they will be back up shortly and seemed to regret for the inconvenience caused. 

Gmail is the third most popular email service, Yahoo Mail is second and Microsoft's Hotmail continues to remain in the 1st place.As said, the problem was fixed and they informed the users through official Gmail blog. Gmail was back to normal again serving its 37 million users (according to ComScore in June). And a user after that has posted "The heavens opened, and then there was light. Gmail is back up" on Twitter.  

Bottom Line:

Just to be confident that you are not the only one to face denial of access problems check out the tweets on twitter or google it. You will get the best and convincing results of whats happening around. :) 

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