April 11, 2009

If Only

This movie had been in my hard drive for about 2 months. May be because of the busy schedule or watever i kept skipping this movie. I regretted it after watching it.
A love story-well thats not just it. We hardly realize the importance of someone close to us and whats the point regretting when they are gone? If Only is all about this concept..

Ian Wyndham(Paul Nicholls) and Samantha Andrews(Jeniffer Love Hewitt) are married couple each one with slight disappointments with the other. Ian fail to realize the pleasures that really mean a lot to Samantha. When he gives a thought to their relationship, it is a mysterious cab driver who enlightens him. He asks him-"If Samantha is in a flight that happens to crash, will u be able to live without her?" And he replies "No". The Cab driver says"Just love her". He has a terrible nightmare where one thing led to another and eventually Samantha was hit by a truck and is about to die.

It was only when he woke up, did he realize tat it was just a dream,,. But its not JUST A DREAM.
Everything was happening exactly the same way as it was in the dream. Ian was desperate not to lose Samantha. He felt that it was the last day with her and he does everything he could to make her feel happy. The cab driver is the same as the one who came in the dream but this time its not just Samantha in the cab but Ian as well- determined to beat the fate and save his lady love.

But things happen other way around. A movie worth watching !!
I heard many of my friends say "P.S I Love you" is a must watch movie but i found "If Only" better than "P.S I Love You". So would you!!

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