November 06, 2010

Magadheera-My View

Magadheera being the costliest movie in Telugu film industry has not failed to impress the audience with its extravagance. Money always has more impact on a movie than the script.


The story starts in 17th century where Ram charan Teja and Kajal Agarwal half killed falls from a mountain and dies.The only obvious thing audience can assume is tat they have loved each other and have failed to join hands.400 yrs later Ram charan is reborn as Harsha, Kajal as Indhu and so is the villain.Harsha seems to get a strange feeling which reminds him of the glimpses of his past birth whenever he accidentally touches Kajal's hands(not knowing it was her). He uncovers the truth and they fall in love and Raghuveer(villain) comes into the picture. He gets his doubts cleared about his past birth and decides to have Kajal at any cost.Misunderstandings arise between Kajal and Harsha for Harsha was mistaken to hav killed her father.

And the flashback rolls uncovering the mysteries of their past birth.Ramcharan was KalaBhairava then who has been protecting the kingdom and Kajal was Mitravinda Devi. Mitra and Bhairava are in love but the villain forces a competition and the winner would have both Mitra and Kingdom. Obviously,KalaBhairava wins but on request of Mitra's father, he agrees not to marry Mitra. A battle happens on the peak of the mountain where Mitra is half killed and by the time Bhairava comes to the spot,she falls off the peak. And so is Bhairava.

As everything is unveiled to Harsha, he is determined to win the battle and save Kajal which he has failed to do in his past birth. As the story moves they come to the same mountain peak in the climax. Harsha defeats his rival and wins his lady love.

My Comments:

* The flashback of the story- apart from the huge money and effort spent, is concentrated on portraying heroism  alone
* The BGM especially when Harsha and Indhu fall in love is too good.. (In fact, I had that tune as my ringtone for a long time ;)) 
* My applause to the crew which has been involved in making the 17th century sets
* "Dheera Dheera Dheera" song is hard not to keep humming.

Awards swept by Magadheera:

* 2009 Filmfare Awards South
* National Film Award
* 2009 Nandhi Awards 

"Magadheera" would be a feast for commercial lovers

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