July 20, 2011

How I met your mother Season 6

For the viewers of How I met your mother : Season 6 is just more than AWESOME. The best till now. In case you have not watched it yet, do it asap.

For those who have never watched it, well spend some time and try seeing the show.
After a day's work, when I come back from office I would love to do something (or anything for that matter) which is not even remotely connected to my routine work. For this I will start watching How I met your mother, the latest being Season 6. It makes you laugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,laugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and laugh.. Seriously can u afford to miss it?

I felt one episode that I felt I was so connected to. The episode was like this : When Lily and Marshall tell their friends that they are about to have kids, for a minute Robin and Barney felt very happy for their friends. But the next thought that came on Robin's mind will be "Lily and Marshall are doing something useful. God! What am I doing? Iam unemployed, still single..........I have to figure out a way." And so are the thoughts of Barney desperate to do something useful too. And so Robin rushes her decision and convinces herself for a weird and petty job that will never take Robin anywhere nearer to her dream job (which is being an anchor for the top most news channel). All she wanted was a change and she tries to push her life forward only because she came to know her friends get a change. And Barney tries to donate a huge amount for the charity. Only then Lily's message arrives saying that they are not having kids then. Both Robin and Barney change their decisions again.
On the other hand, the couple who took a big decision gets freaked out because of the sudden change in their lives and the fear of facing it. Ted screams at everyone and brings them back to reality.

This is exactly what happens to most of us in our lives. I saw this episode when I was literally mad at myself just because I felt everyone keeps moving forward and my life is stand still. I wished so badly for a change to happen.
After seeing the episode, I laughed at myself for being so stupid. But i also realized that it is not unusual :) Happens to almost everyone.
We are at a place today for some reason and change is inevitable anyway. So why rush for it?
There was a time when I waited for my college days to get over. But today there is nothing more than those days that Iam missing a lot.


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