February 13, 2013

The Shiva Trilogy - freakin awesome

Being an avid lover of historical fiction I found it difficult to restrain myself from “The Shiva Trilogy”. The first book “The Immortals of Meluha”  is a definite page turner. Trust me, you don’t have to be a Hindu to understand the story. Though the story is woven around known characters like Shiva, Sati, Ganesh, Karthik and Nandi who are worshipped as gods in Hindu religion today, it is not spiritual or religious in anyway. Turns out to be Amish Tripathi's masterpiece with adequate twists and turns keeping readers glued to the book.


Meluha is a land which can be described as something that each and every one of us want our society to be like. Located in Kashmir, Meluha is an epitome of heaven on earth for it serves as a model for righteousness, laws, cleanliness and discipline. You could not stop wondering how it would be if we exist in such a society! Meluhans believe for ages that when evil rises a Mahadev would emerge and save them. Shiva, a normal human being of flesh and blood unknown of what his destiny would be is brought to Meluha only to unravel many new and hidden secrets.

Shiva falls in love with Sati whose has been living a doomed life for years. What stood their way of love is a mystery which Shiva solves. Somras is said to be a divine medicine which gives mortality for those who consume it. And Meluha has been manufacturing Somras which their so called enemies try to stop. Who are the enemies and who their allies are and what are their reasons for doing so are very sensibly demonstrated at a very good pace.

Characters like Nandi,Veerbhadra,Brahaspathi, Dhaksha,Parvateshvar, Parshuram, Kali did ring a bell while reading the book.  On the other end, the author gives us a glimpse about Nagas(the cursed people) and their deeds leaving the readers to judge them. What connection exists between them and Meluhans are portayed in the second book of Shiva trilogy “The secret of the Nagas”.

The second book for all you know might shatter whatever the reader has imagined. “The secret of the Nagas” bringsKarthick, Ganesh and Kali into picture which I would say was simply brilliant. The way each character is mould into the story is spellbound. War strategies used, engineering establishments, honesty and dutifulness are all well expressed and was mind blowing. The author really deserves whatever highest award that is given for a writer. Because, Shiva Trilogy is the one book which has equally matched some of the greatest historical fictions written in Tamil :O. Impressed :D

Hats off to Amish Tripathi and those who helped him publish the book in every single way. You really deserve a standing ovation.

The third and final book in Shiva Trilogy is “The Oath of Vayuputras” which Iam dying to read it ASAP. If you are a passionate reader, do not have second thoughts in reading this trilogy.

My rating: 5/5

Happy reading!

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