August 27, 2009

Beware of social networking sites

Utilizing social networking sites in right manner is most important these days. Unfortunately many users fail to be aware of the impending danger that is likely to happen by their own posts on these sites.

Letting the world know what they are upto is what most of the users post in social networking sites.Posts like "Off for the weekend", "Home Alone", "Will be back in 10 days" is like inviting burglars to ur house as reported by "The Digital Criminal report" conducted by a U.K based consulting firm. The survey has reported that 38 % of 2000 social networking users post their plans about vacations and their return dates on these sites. (If you are one among them stop that right away)

Whats much worse is many post their addresses and contact numbers in these sites as well which could be even more easier for strangers to track you down. Some even go the extent of posting about the new expensive things they happen to buy recently.

So beware of whats liable to happen because of the posts which you think sounds "cool". Could be pretty dangerous. 

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