September 01, 2009

The after effects of Gmail outage

Yesterday Gmail seemed to be down for a while as a result of which millions of users were not able to access Gmail. The first thought that came to my mind was if it was only me having this problem and then I was relieved when I found tweets like  "Gmail is down", and many queries like"Is Gmail down?". 

Millions of users have posted in various social networking sites. Twitter's one of the most trending topics yesterday was Gmail outage. But it was only for a while. Google informed their users that they will be back up shortly and seemed to regret for the inconvenience caused. 

Gmail is the third most popular email service, Yahoo Mail is second and Microsoft's Hotmail continues to remain in the 1st place.As said, the problem was fixed and they informed the users through official Gmail blog. Gmail was back to normal again serving its 37 million users (according to ComScore in June). And a user after that has posted "The heavens opened, and then there was light. Gmail is back up" on Twitter.  

Bottom Line:

Just to be confident that you are not the only one to face denial of access problems check out the tweets on twitter or google it. You will get the best and convincing results of whats happening around. :) 

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