January 19, 2010

The Google Phone-Nexus One

Launched on january 5,2010 the Google phone has been the talk of the town since then.I happened to see the video of how the phone works and its various features and what else can i say-"Its supercool"

Google's Nexus One:

You would have lesser problems operating Nexus One in daylight compared to the other smartphones released so far. This is because Nexus can auto adjust the brightness and turns down the processor when it is not used.

When it comes to smartphones the rule is dont expect much when it comes to camera. Well Google Nexus has broken that rule. The 5 megapixel camera is a real feast. Comes with four auto focus, flash, 2*digital zoom and more. Video recording is possible to the max 30 mins.

The Android tops the OS market because of its high responsiveness and speed. Scrolling and opening programs are done instantly which makes Nexus the best of all Android handsets.

Nexus is incorporated with almost all the Google products. Google Voice is integrated in the phone. You can assign your voice mail number and use it to call your friends or text them.(I love this feature)

Now my favourite part of the phone comes- Voice to Text input feature. You dont have to type messages anymore. Just tell your message by pressing he microphone button and the phone types it for you (including the punctuation marks)..If I get Nexus microphone wud be the most used feature in the phone :D

And there is lots more like YouTube, Picasa, GoogleMaps etc.

Finally, you cant stop having fun with Nexus. I'd say Nexus is the best of Android handsets released so far.

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