January 16, 2010

Know this - How companies got thier names

CISCO: Short form of "San Francisco"

GOOGLE: Mispronounced Googol(which means 1 followed by 100 zeros) as                       Google

APPLE: Favourite fruit of Steve Jobs(founder). Also because he had worked                  in an apple orchard.

SUN: From "Stanford University Network"

INTEL: Acronym of "Integrated Electronics"

HOTMAIL:The founder was keen on a name that wud end in "mail".He chose                     hotmail because the word has the letters 'h t m l' in it.

ARICENT: Combination of two words-"arise" and "ascent"

MICROSOFT: From "microcomputer software"

MITSUBISHI: MITSU means "three" and BISHI means "diamond"(in Japanese) 

ORACLE: The founders worked on a CIA project the code name of which was                   known as Oracle

PEPSI: Named after a digestive enxyme 

COCA-COLA: Derived from coca leaves and cola nuts

HYUNDAI: Means "present age"/"modernity" in Korean

NIKE: Named after the Greek goddess of victory

SAMSUNG: Means "3 stars" in Korean

SKYPE: The original name was 'Sky Peer to Peer' which was was shortened                  to 'Skyper' and now its 'Skype'

SONY: Means "Sound" in Latin

VODAFONE: From the words Voice, Data and Telefone

VOLKSWAGEN: Means "people's car" in German

VOLVO: Means "I roll" in Latin

YAHOO: This word appears in Gulliver's Travellers which represents                                someone who is repulsive and barely human. The founders                                 considered themselves Yahoos

DAEWOO: Means "Great House"/"Great Universe" in Latin

ALTA VISTA: Means "high view" in Spanish

DIGG: Short form of "Diggnation"

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