July 25, 2010

Epic Browser-The first ever Browser designed by Indians for India

Epic Browser is the first product of Hidden Reflex founded by Bangalore based Alok Bharadwaj. Initially Hidden Reflex constituted 3 members and has consequently grown up.

When I came to know that there exists a browser for India made by Indians, I went up to the site to download it. Ammmazing work!! It has everything you need on one browser. So many applications that you can add, so many customizable themes which is India oriented and so on.

I'l start with the sidebar that is inbuilt with the browser.
  •     Epic India is all about news of all categories
  •     Epic Indic Text is where you can type in any of the Indian languages
  •     Epic Skins lets you choose the themes and backgrounds and as i said it has lots to do with India
  •     The browser has an inbuilt antivirus, a text editor, snippets-which lets users highlight words/  images       and save them automatically to your hard drive.                                                            
  •     You can add your My computer,My documents etc to your sidebar for added convenience
  •     Aaah,,this is for people who spend endless hours infront of computers like me-To do applications         and timers.Very helpful tool- especially for me coz whenever I start working on my computer I             eventually get pulled by social networking sites. Reallly addictive!
  •     Needless to say, the browser has Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, Twitter,Yahoo,Maps in it. 
  •     Additionally icons like travel,games, jobs are also present
  •     Collections- The sites which the users open regularly can be put in a collection and can be opened 
  •     Then the ususal apps like History,bookmarks downloads are also present.
Users are allowed upto 1500 applications to the browser.

 Unlike other browsers, Epic browser claims that they do not save user's search data.The look and feel of the browser is too good. From now on Epic is gonna be my default browser.

According to Alok Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Hidden Reflex, “We want to prove that India can be a hub for innovation in software and technology."  Sure it is :)


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