July 18, 2010

Madrasapatnam-Flashback of singara chennai

The story starts with a British woman aged around 80 in London who says she wants to visit Madrasapatnam.In Chennai she desperately searches for someone and the flashback rolls way back to our Independence period(1947). 
Amy is the Governor's daughter who falls in love with paridhi(Arya) and obviously the opposition is the rest of the story. Arya promises her that she will never be seperated from him and she would live and die in India only.India gets its independence on 15th August and when Britains were supposed to vacate India comes the turning point. Life/Death/Love situation comes and what happens next is the story.


   Both Arya and Amy Jackson has done their jobs well. Arya's (naan kadavul) physique has helped him a lot in this movie. The first half of the movie makes the audience laugh hard though there are no lead comedy actors. The scene where Arya and  his friends try to learn English and the the part where they keep saying the word "thank you" just to remember it are the remarkable ones. The second half of the story is pretty serious and is mostly chasing and fighting-I could also say it was an "edge of the seat" experience.

Transformation of Madrasapatnam to Singara Chennai:
    Everyone knows Koovam as only a stinking river that flows around Chennai. This was not the case back in 1947.Ive crossed the same bridge that comes in the movie many times closing my nose.Felt really sad to see that  place being transformed to this pathetic condition today.Most of the scenes were taken around Central station. 

Love never fails:
     Arya calls Amy as "Dhurai amma".Amy wished to build schools and colleges to the people of India but unfortunately she could not. Surprises await her when she comes back searching for Paridhi after 60 yrs. 

Some Random thoughts:

    I have seen movies where audience used to clap and whistle at the beginning and the end of the movie. But this movie belongs to the rare kind which gets the attention and claps right from the beginning till the end. Each and every scene was admired by everyone.But I felt few scenes here and there are common and have been repeated in many movies. 

To conclude-This movie deserves a standing ovation

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