March 05, 2012

The Big Bang Theory

I could not wait for the whole of How I met your mother - season 7 to get released so i started downloading file by file. I was disappointed after watching 6 episodes of it. Maybe season 6 made me so curious and made me expect more fun. While rest of the season was downloading I was browsing through my hard disk and found "The Bing Bang theory" Season 1. I started watching it and man, its damn cool and I love it. Very different from those that belong to the typical  "love/ romance/comedy" genre.

This show features four socially awkward characters. Of them, Dr. Sheldon Cooper steals the show. Leonard and Sheldon are theoretical Physicists and they talk mostly not in English but only in Physics.

Sheldon role has been well played - his robotic movements, geeky communications, his pride about his brilliance and his strict rules for himself and others make the audience laugh hard.
Penny lives across the hall of Leonard and Sheldon's apartment and freaks out being around Sheldon. Howard and Rajesh are the co scientists working with Leonard and Sheldon.

The season 1 of  Big Bang Theory kept me hooked up. If Barney Stinson is for HIMYM then it is definitely Sheldon Cooper for Big Bang Theory. Im sure you will love it.:)

Have fun watching it!

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