March 21, 2012

Down Under, Egmore

                                Amazing place to hang out with your friends and have fun playing games. Located underground, this place is a chill out among youngsters. Snooker, Billiards pool, Snow Bowling, Video games and Foosball are the games they have. First reason why most people prefer this place is that it is relatively cheap to afford. It also has a canteen which is mostly like a living room with bean bag, couch and TV. And yeah that makes the atmosphere cool. Relax for a while watching cricket matches and start playing again.

There are people who spend their whole weekend in “Down Under”. It really is a stress buster and a great refreshment after a whole week of tiring work. This is definitely a must visit if you are a fun loving person and who wish to spend a weekend which will relieve you off your work stress.
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