February 02, 2010


Are you a job seeker?
Are you in your final year of college awaiting placements?
Do you wish to get yourself into one of the tier one companies?
If yes, here you go..
There is an all new website you should check it out-interviewstreet.com

About the founders

InterviewStreet portal is started by two youngsters-Vivek Ravisankar and Harisankaran who finished their graduate degrees from National Institute of Technology, Trichy in 2008. They left behind their jobs at Amazon and IBM and started this portal which has a whole bunch of interesting features which I havent come across in any other portals so far.

Now about interviewstreet.com

So how does this different from the other ususal portals?
Heres the answer:
InterviewStreet enables you to attend mock interviews from highly skilled working professionals from the company you choose. Isnt tat cool??
At present they have four companies from which you can choose one- Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and CTS. They claim to add more companies in future. Once you register for a company, in around 2 days or so, you get to attend the mock interview.

There are pricing plans as well :
For Bronze, you get 1 interview and 1 multiple choice question test.
For Silver, you get to attend 2 interviews and 1 online written test with evaluation.
For Gold,you attend 3 interviews, 2 tests and feedback of each question answered.

Pay and get benefits accordingly.

Not only does this website offer mock interviews, it also gives a lot of interview tips, phone interview tips, workshops that are about to be held in colleges and a lot of important stuffs you need to check out.
And visit mcq.interviewstreet.com also. It has the mock aptitute, verbal tests etc.

My favourite part of the portal is the 'Articles' section which is too informative to ignore. So make it a point to go through it.

So guys, make the best use of this portal and get yourself into one of those tier 1 companies out there!

And good luck to interviewstreet team!



Vivek said...

Thank you for the review. Hope you find it useful


suganya said...

My pleasure!

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