May 20, 2009

The Biscuit battle :P

hey pals,If you are a foodie like me then there is something that you should be knowing... just a small piece of info.

In this competitive world who will not want to get the top most position?
So does the snack companies. When asked to vote for "Which is your favourite biscuit", around 400,000 people participated and based on the results, MSN has released the list of the most popular snack. Here you go,, see which position your favourite snack is and yaaay three of my favourite snack is already on the list :) cool

1. KitKat
2. Cadburry's Finger
3. Milk Chocolate Digestive
4. Twix
5. Maryland
6. Chocolate HobNob
7. Caramel Digestive
8. Animals
9. Bourbon
10. Penguin

So KitKat is crowned as "Officially The Best Biscuit" :)

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