May 07, 2009

Zoozoo ads-cant stop laughing

We've been watching advertisements of all sorts ever since we bought a television. But nothing like Zoozoo ads had made such a sensation throughout.
Vodafone advertises its features like cricket alerts, beauty tips,back up, games,chota recharge,Avoid callers,Stock updates, bakthi sagar,international roaming,maps,magic box,dating alerts etc which is cast by the character called zoozoo telecasted during IPL.

These ads seem to be animated but its not. Its all real humans in zoozoo costume. Ogilvy and Manther is the agency that handles all
the advertisements for Vodafone. It wanted to make humans look as animated as possible. All these ads were shooted in South Africa just at the time of IPL.

Has become a quick hit though. All these ads are just 20 to 30 secs of duration.

Q&M has agreed to make 29 commercial ads for the entire IPL season most of which are already aired and is no doubt has become a break through. And my favourite ones are the ad that comes for busy message and cricket alerts.

Zoozoo ad for cricket alerts:

Here's the making of Zoozoo ad-a must watch video

Hats off to the people who acted as zoozoo characters

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