May 25, 2009


Wondering wat it is?
We know that many search engines are out there working hard to become
the ultimate option for searching among people. In that list comes Omgili.
Wat has Omgili tried is that it retrives information from just forums
and discussion boards telling what people have discussed about that
particular topic you are searching for. To make it more interactive
Omgili launched Google@Omgili.

Google@Omgili provides similiar results to that of Google at the same
time retaining the unique features of Omgili. Visit

Here u have 3 options-u can search Omgili or search google or both.
Searching Omgili or both Google and Omgili retrieves info with a
bubble beside the
links saying if there was any discussion about the
topic and if so how many. And theres a small box at the right side of
the link generating a preview of the web page right there.

“As most of you are searching Google to find information, we
created a new service, named Google@Omgili, that integrates
Omgili into Google in a manner that should make searching
Google even better." says Omgili CEO Ran Geva.
Omgili clearly says that it not endorsed or sponsored by Google.

Good luck to Omgili team!

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