May 04, 2009

Grudge- the so called horror movie

Grudge belongs to the horror movie genre . Begins with a man who kills his wife, his kid, a cat and then hangs himself in a house in Japan. The house becomes haunted and anyone who comes in contact with it dies. So the first part has nothing to do with getting scared. Second part has many people involved in it at the end of which everyone dies.

Grudge 3 was released recently and i happened to watch it. A slight difference at the end is made. Otherwise its all the same. And its a bit scarier this time.

Japan is known to have a number of haunted places. They could made it better. "Y on earth doesnt anyone scream when they see a ghost" is the question that arises in everyone's mind. (Maybe because they dont look that scary). But the very important thing in a horror movie is the sound effect which is totally kept aside in Grudge.

And the kid that comes as a ghost should be mentioned. In Grudge 3 there are 2 sisters, the younger one wud be 7 yrs or so. She is about to sleep and this ghost kid comes and touches her forehead and is making her to sleep. Is this wat a ghost is supposed to do. Y does the director makes everyone smile while watching a horror movie. And C'mon the kid looks cute which is another drawback of this film.

"Scary movie" series is a popular one which had imitated all the thrillers tat hav been released so far and it was too funny. The above mentioned scene and 2 more scenes made me feel like im watching "scary movie" collection.

Before shooting the film they shud have watched "13 am number veedu" (tamil horror movie) and "shock" (for sound effect). Or atleast "Shutter".

But of all the three parts of Grudge tats been released Id say Grudge3 is better coz it has some suspense towards the end.

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