September 13, 2009

Ninaithale inikkum

Ninaithale inikkum is the remake of a malayalam movie "Classmates" which turned out to be a block buster. But the movie is not exactly the same scene by scene. Now the story

Ninathale inikkum:

The movie starts with the get together function arranged by Shakthi's parents. Shakthi is a music lover who always wished for a music library in college, now that he is dead his parents wanted to fulfil his dream in the presence of his friends. So everyone is here for the reunion and suddenly Shiva(Prithvi Raj) is found struggling for life since someone has tried kiling him with guitar string. 

Now the flashback which reminds you of the good old college days. Shiva and Vaasu(Karthik) are rivals but Shakthi remains a mutual friend of both. Shiva falls in love with Meera(Priyamani) the first day he comes to college but fails to disclose it till final year. Their love is only for a short span. Vaasu makes Meera to stand in college election as Shiva's opponent and does everything that would make the couple break up. 

When the election results are to be out Shakthi is found dead in the generator room. Everyone was convinced with the reason of his death. But the truth is something else. Shiva discontinues and leaves to Mumbai. 

Who could have killed Shakthi? What has that got to do with Shiva? And who is trying to kill Shiva? The mystery unfolds through another flashback told by the muslim girl(whose name I cant recollect) who he had loved. 

A few twists and turns here and there makes the movie run @ fast pace in the second half. 

Azhagai Pookuthey song tells it all- A master piece.

In Classmates - the original malayalam version Priyamani's role was played by Kavya Madhavan and Karthik's role by JayaSurya, Prithvi Raj in both the versions,Shakthi's role was played by Naren. 

Worth watching!


Mimo said...

Hey just saw a link to your blog on your Twitter page. Great job! I love Classmates too much, so I didn't bother watching Ninaithale Inikkum! How was Priya Mani compared to Kavya Madhavan?

suganya said...

Priyamani has nothing much to do in the movie. here and there the story is modified but still watchable.

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