September 19, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan

The legend's (legends)  new sensational movie. I managed to watch Unnai Pol Oruvan on the second day of its release. Kamal Haasan as we know is a person with different thoughts and approach has once more proved his uniqueness by giving Tamil film industry a new dimension. 

MohanLal and Kamal Hasan's combo with Shruthi Hasan's background score makes the movie an ultimate one. The answer for terrorism is nothing but terrorism. This is wat the movie is about. Sharp dialogues in the movie are just wonderful. And the scene where he says he has become an invisible man because his name is not in the voter's list has got the audience acceptance. 

Sethu and Arif are two efficient police men and we have seen Arif already in Abhiyum Naanum and in a few ads. This role suits Arif better than anything else. If it was any other typical commercial movie the chasing scene of a culprit by Arif would have been shown in slow motion and in all angles. Thanks  to Kamal (for avoiding all those unnecesary attention).  And how he reacts when sethu shoots his hand- EXCELLENT. There cant be a single person who could resist a smile. Anuja who comes as a TV reporter as Natasha Rajkumar( starred in Sivi and Ninaithale inikkum) seeks attention by smoking. 

Lakshmi is so apt for the role of Chief Minister's secretary. A guy from IIT is brought in who seems to be good at ethical hacking is the one who had acted with Vineeth in "May Matham" movie. All the characters have done their job very well and they really deserve an applause. Kamal's sense of humour is outstanding but still it doesnt affect the seriousness of the story. 

The movie has no distractions like songs, dance, romance, duet, glamourous artists and deals only with a heavy subject- the power of a common man. 

Hats off to Kamal Hasan and MohanLal and a great applause to the entire crew.

A Must watch!

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