February 27, 2009

Apple updates

A great time for me exploring the newer versions of my favorite softwares and surprisingly all these belong to Apple.

It has been months since I stopped using IE, Mozilla, Chrome and switched to Apple's Safari which I feel is comparatively better. A week ago, Safari 3.14 has been updated to its Beta version which is even more user friendly and cool. The Beta version has introduced 150 better features which now is my default browser.

Apple's iTunes has become my favorite player of all times replacing Windows Media Player & Real Player. It has become more reasonable with the launch of iTunes 8 giving the player a more stylish look than before. The layout of the player has also changed. No doubt iTunes has turned out to be my default player. The 3D visualizations in the new version is mesmerizing. But multiprocessing becomes a bit tough while these 3D visualizations are on. If iTunes 9 could overcome this, it would be a welcome change.

All these newer versions of Apple are too good to avoid and they are being kind enough to let the Windows users also to experience the fun.
Hats off to Apple !!

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