February 15, 2009

Milan 09'

Milan 09' is the cultral fest of SRM University which was held from 13th to 15th feb, 2009. Every year, this Milan season would be a great time for students of my college. Various events like dance show, rock show, War of the DJs, Face painting, light music, Folk dance will be held in the campus for 3 days. Various colleges participate making Milan a successful fest every year. It becomes even more curious for the students of my college since the management invites unexpected chief guests every year. Last year the chief guests included Actor Prasanna,Reema Sen, Priyamani, Tamanna, Asha Bonsle and few more. VJ Craig of SS Music conducted Voice hunt in our campus in which many students participated and had fun.

And this year when i came to know that it was Dr.Kamal Hasan who is invited to inaugurate the function, I almost jumped. Being a die hard fan of Padmashree Kamal Hasan, me and my friends decided to take seats in the front row by going early to the auditorium. Unfortunately, the front rows were reserved for staffs :((.. The auditorium of my college which has the capacity to hold around 5000 people was flooded. The only time when the audi was filled so much was the time when Dr.Abdul Kalam visited our college.
The 10 mins of the actor Kamal Hasan's speech was worth the whole day wait under the sun.
We waited to see his car leave after the inauguration.
After that since I was tired I was not able to attend Benny Dayal's light music show. Tats sad.
But all this was like having a break after i screwed up my first review of project :P

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