February 16, 2009

The monk who sold his Ferrari

The monk who sold his Ferrari is the first inspirational book i ever read. Having realized that ive been sticking only to fictions, I decided to divert myself from the routine.
Julian Mantle is a world renowned lawyer who has dedicated his entire life to his profession. The word 'obsessed' with his profession would be a right one. He achieves everything in life a normal human would long for (like a huge bungalow, resorts, Ferrari etc) but true happiness. John who had been knowing Julian for about seventeen years practices law under his guidance.
Suddenly Julian gets a heart attack and moves to India after giving up all his wealthy possessions including his Ferrari for which none know the reason. He travels a lot, meets people of various kinds and was fascinated by this mystical land.
"Even those who had very little opened their homes — and their
hearts — to this weary visitor from the West"
Many sages live for hundreds of years just by mastering their minds. Julian begins his search to find one such sage to learn the secret of a long, lasting and a happy life. He also succeeds by seeing a yogi who made Julian promise to scatter the seeds of truth in the West for people who are almost lost in their lives. 
Julian learns a lot, practiced what he learned and finally returns to John as a young, contended, full of energy and a truly reformed scholar. He tells John about his adventurous journey and his conversation with the yogis by which John was almost spellbound.
He tells everything what he learned from the sages and the lessons he took to master his mind and he stands as a perfect model of eternal happiness which everyone of us lack today. 

The Human mind is enormously powerful and we only use a small part of it. A mind has the capacity to restructure our life only when it is under our control. 
Robin Sharma has done a good job writing this book. It made me think a lot. Interesting though 
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