February 03, 2009

novels- From pages to screen

We have been aware that many of the well known novels or short stories are being taken as a movie these days. This is done for one of the two reasons- to gain publicity or the real urge to give a standard vision to of the novel to its fans. In that case,if you have already read that novel, your expectation increases for the movie and if you havent, its just another common film. The most common movies made from novels:

Tamil crime writer Rajesh Kumar is known for his suspense filled novels and has gained immense popularity with Tamilians. His latest book 'Iravil oru vaanavil' has been decided to be made as a movie under the title 'Agarathi'. Lets see if the movie hits just as the novel did!

Tamil writer Sujatha's 'Pirivom Santhipom'( being the favourite of most of his fans) is being shot as 'Anantha Thandavam'. This film is even more hyped up since the time its audio was released. The readers of this novel and the crew are expecting it to be a blockbuster hit.I only hope the essence of the novel dwell in the movie as well...Years back many movies like Priya, Karaiyellam Senbagapoo, Vikram have been made from his novels/short stories. 

John Grisham's recent book "The Associate" has been planned to be shot as a movie under the same name. Many of his books have been made as movies-'A time to kill' , The Chamber, The Client, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The RainMaker, Runaway Jury are some of them. But what the heck?? I liked 'The Testament' of all his books...! Being a law school grad, all his stories have something to do with law...

Chetan Bhagat's two out of his three novels have been made as a movie- One night at the call centre didnt make a mark as expected. His all famous Five point someone is being made as a film under the title '3 idiots'. Amir Khan has taken it as a challenge to make the movie a blockbuster. 

But why dont anyone try shooting any of Kalki's works like Sivagamiyin Sabatham. But i heard about the failure attempts in trying to shoot Ponniyin Selvan-C'mon you cant expect to watch the whole of Ponniyin Selvan  in just 3 hours...But if anyone did make an effort and if it turns out fruitfully, that would definitely be a feast to PS fans...

Hoping for the best :)
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