February 28, 2009

Transform XP to Vista

Its been years since Im using Windows XP in my PC. I wanted to experience Vista in my desktop.
But the whole process of installing Vista from a CD annoys me, Plus I didnt have much time to sit back and watch the installation process.
I guess Google serves the lazy people(like me) better.
Can u believe it?
Im using Vista now in my desktop without actually having unloaded my XP...:)

Cool isnt it!!
Your XP remains as it is giving you the features of Vista.
It works on top of XP. To be precise, the user interface of XP is transformed to that of Vista while the functionality remains the same.
I got this Vista transformation by just downloading a 11MB setup file, And yes, it made a lot of difference..
I know im a freak to search and try all this :P, but still its cool.
This is for everyone who are tired of using XP and wants to switch to Vista( and who are lazy too :P)without much effort of unpacking XP. Its really simple and takes around 5 mins.
I can help you out in this.
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