March 13, 2009

The moment of truth

"The Moment of Truth" is a new TV show I started watching for the last 2 weeks. Its an American game show being telecasted @ 9 p.m from Monday-Wednesday(inIndia) on star world.

Unlike any other game show, this is not about the participant answering the questions and winning money. The moment of truth is something much more complicated .

Before the show begins,the participant is made to undergo a polygraph test which contains more than 50 personal questions. The answers of the test remains unrevealed.

And now the actual show begins- Mark Walberg begins asking questions from the participant's personal life(based on the polygraph test) for which the participant has to answer truthfully in order to get the money. Else he loses and the game ends.

A simple concept but the questions asked are so embarrassing. You cannot cheat coz the results of the polygraph tests are recorded. I was really amazed when i first saw this show. People come enthusiastically to win money but they end up putting their heads down in shame for revealing the truth in front of everybody( including the ones who they thought should never know a truth)

Many relationships have been broken right there on stage. Sad though.. There are certain levels of games where you can wish to stop the game. Nobody so far has dared to answer all the 21 questions and win $500,000 dollars. With each level, the questions become increasingly personal as well as embarrassing.

There are six tiers of questions of which the 1st tier has 6 questions, 2nd tier has 5,it goes on and finally 6th tier has one question to answer which could fetch you $500,000 .

The participants are forced to answer honestly and if they dont 1)they dont get the money,2)after each and every answer the polygraph test answers are interpreted and it announces if the participants answer is true or false. So there is no way in hell you can cheat. So might as well tell the truth and get the money.

Fake friendhips, love for money sake, dishonest spouses, cheating in the workplaces, being drugged, stealing money, being prisoned and there is so many these people have tried to hide from their closed ones for years. And everything gets revealed in front of everybody when you come to play this game. At the end , it becomes way too much to digest all these (now spoken) truths for the participant's parents/spouse/friends etc.

Trust me,, the game is so interesting.

This show is based on the Columbian Tv show called "Nothing more than the truth".
The show is hosted by Mark Walberg.

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