March 28, 2009

Rage of Angels

Unlike stories like "Are you afraid of the Dark" and "Bloodline", Rage of Angels isnt a chasing one- very rarely u find this in Sidney Sheldon books.

A story about a woman attorney named Jenniffer Parker and things happening around her.

Having a great ambition to become a successful lawyer, Jenniffer Parker screws up her name in the very beginning and goes to a stage where she would have been sentenced not to practice law.
Adam Warner proves she is not guilty of charge and is responsible for her successful career. Adam Warner is likely to become the President of United States and is to marry Jenniffer Parker after the elections.

That would have been a happy ending for both of them. But its not.
Jennifer starts living alone with her kid Joshua where Adam could never reach her. Joshua becomes Parker's world. Michael Moretti, a powerful Mafia wants Jenniffer to be his attorney for which she refuses and at one point she gives in. If Adam had saved Jeniffer's career, Moretti has saved her son from a kidnapper. As a token of gratitude, she becomes Moretti's attorney.

Her life takes a different route when she starts handling Moretti's cases.
Her son dies and she sees to it that he remains happy in the coffin.

Thus Jenniffer's life is shadowed by two powerful men- one 'likely to become the president' and one Mafia boss.
True Love and Lust competes in the story and in the end she calls herself a "survivor" because love, happiness, sadness, death was not able to take her life off.
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