March 12, 2009

And now the iPod talks !!

Being an "Apple" fanatic, I usually keep seeing what its new releases are. Here you go,
The iPod which evidently has become a favourite gadgets to many because of its simple structure, user friendly and portability. Its affordable as well. This applies to both iPod nano and shuffle.

Coming to iPod shuffle,these are very simple with just 5 buttons and a flexible handle less than the size of your thumb. This has already become a hit in the market. And now like adding feather to the cap, Apple has introduced a feature which enables the iPod to talk.

It tells you what song is being played in the playlist and who the performer without interrupting the music and this is possible by just pushing one button. This is done by VoiceOver technology. A 4GB iPod shuffle can now play around 1000 songs. This VoiceOver doesnt limit itself to just music. You will be alerted when the iPod needs to be charged too.

Language is not important for music and this new iPod shuffle seems to know it. Coz VoiceOver can talk 14 different languages. Its inbuilt music library plays you the music from all over the world. So you hear songs in spanish, japanese and many more.

And for the first time, this iPod shuffle features multiple playlists as this was not available in the previous version of the product. Voice Over tells you the name of the playlists too thus paving way for easy navigation across the playlists.

The product has come up with a very user friendly nature so that it can be used with anyone with little effort.
Have fun using the new iPod shuffle.
Hats off to Apple :)


Rajesh Kumar Thankaraj said...

Your blog is really attractive, It is good enough to have more useful informations.

Wish you all the best.

suganya said...

hey thanks:) Lots more to come.. Stay glued

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