March 08, 2009

Fun facts but true!!

well, I'l take a break from writing technical things and I wanted to share these fun facts with you.

* Have you ever tried licking your elbows? well, dont even try,,,tats impossible.

*When you sneeze, your heart stops functioning for a millisecond and if you sneeze too strong,
you can possibly damage one of your ribs. And if you suppress it you would probably rupture
one of your blood vessels.(So next time you sneeze, beware of it):P

*We know many tongue twisters exist, Of them, the toughest is said to be "sixth sick sheik's sixth
sheep's sick". I bet you can never succeed trying to say it fast.

*Wearing headphones for one hour increases bacteria in your ear by 700 times (Shit! I would be a
bacteria factory i guess)

*For ages US have been claiming they have no knowledge about aliens. But there exists a law in their govt saying that it is illegal to have contact with extra terrestrials. (sattru sindhika vendiya vishayam). For law people - that law is stated in Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

*Most lipsticks contain fish scales (Im relieved)

*Similiar to finger prints, tongue prints are unique too

*You cannot touch your nose tip with your tongue.

*There is a lawsuit filed every 30 seconds in U.S

*Ostrich, in its life time of 80 years does not bury its head in the sand not even once. (I wonder how jobless people are trying to find out if an ostrich will bury its head or not!!!!)

The facts furnished above are true to my knowledge :P

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