March 27, 2009


Having read almost all the major novels of kalki krishnamoorthy, I decided to move on to Sandilyan's works. And the first one happened to be kadal pura!
A story mainly based on a warship named Kadal pura and the hurdles that stood in the way of a ruler in capturing empires.

Kalki's novels are fast paced and stands as an epitome of a perfect work which is a combination of fun, thrill, suspense, beauty, humour and love. I missed some of these in kadal pura. There wont be a single soul who would dislike vanthiyathevan, fails to admire kundhavai and nandhini and appreciate azhwarkadiyar nambi.Ponniyin Selvan and Sivagamiyin sabatham are two great works which noone should ever miss.

Though certain things are not revealed in Ponniyin Selvan the readers are given the freedom to imagine and think about the best possible solution and it no way affects the flow of the story. Maybe that is one of the beauties of PS.
In Kadal Pura, an important character is addressed only by nickname throughout the book and I kind of expected that the author would reveal her name at the end.

Maybe as some of my critics said i should take a break from kalki's series and be prepared for a different story telling approach too. Il try that anyway and im keen on reading YavanaRani of Sandilyan which is yet another "must read book" of my list.

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