June 09, 2009


If you are a person who are looking forward for your favourite concerts , its schedules, updates, availablity of tickets etc, livekick is something that you would fall in love with.

Livekick is basically a ticket search engine tat lets u search for the available concerts near your location and the best prices of the tickets. Initially it gets to know the users' interest of who their favourite artists and their tastes. This can be done either by manually entering your favourite artist or by uploading your iTunes music library file. Accordingly livekick retrieves info about any concert near the user's location which matches their preferences .

Currently livekick's store contains the schedule for more than 75,000 concerts in U.S. Online ticket reservation is done with the help of sites like StubHub and eBay and it regularly tracks and displays the updates. The recommended sites will be available on the site itself which also provides an online calendar with the upcoming events.

Livekick also features an application that scans the user's computer for his/her favourite artists and updates them. You can get frequent updates about your favourite artists as well.

Sounds cool!!
Visit www.livekick.com

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