June 14, 2009

Weird gadgets I came across while surfing

While surfing,I was excited to see all these new, interesting and weird gadgets which i cant stop to pen it down here

Infant pillow:
This is something cute! New born babies need the constant touch of their mothers for them to sleep. I cant forget how my young niece would desperately want her mother to be near her not wanting her to let go anywhere,, lol..Heres something tat every mother would love

An artificial hand like gloves carefully designed mimics the size and touch of a mother's hand to let the infant know tat he is still under his mother's protection. But c'mon there is nothing like a mother's love that could be replaced by anything. At the same time, this gadget is something tat wud make everyone smile for a moment...

LED headphones:
Have you imagined yourself in possession of a pair of LED headphones that is blinking and attractive? That would be cool
But having no additional features is a disappointment. At the same time you cant deny the fact that its attractive. Rockstarts can use this during their show.

Day clock:
All we think about a clock is one with two hands pointing at some time. But this is something different. Its a day clock where the hand points to the day of the week.
Sweet!! This is for all who often forget which day of the week we are in. I think I deserve one!

Ghost detector strap:
I found this weirdest of all. For all who are so much scared tat u doubt the sizzling of leaves in wind to be due to some ghost,this ghost detector can help you out. Press a button on the Ghost radar and pray that it shoud turn blue. Coz that means you are in no danger. And if turns red, I think you should get ready to communicate with the ghost.

This comes as a feature in cellphone which makes it less complicated to carry it around. And guess wat the product is from Japan which is known to have too many haunted places.

Color changing watch with no hands:
Heres a new watch which tells time with colors. Blue color represents hour and red represents minutes.It is the color that travells around the clock and changes the numbers to the appropriate shade.

And the question arises would be what happens when the hour and minute tends to come at the same point say 12 o'clock or 3.15.
Well the color changes to purple at this point of time.

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Silver said...

"Interesting Hands" .. weird? i'll have to agree!


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