June 17, 2009

Reinvent the web with Opera Unite

Here comes a website which lets you to access your files in PC from anywhere in the world. All you need is the registration of your computer name to the website.

I just downloaded Opera Unite to explore its features and i was surprised to see how the installation did not involve any complex third party products. The norwegian company which owns Opera says it aims to make every system as a web server thus enabling the users to share their files with the rest of the world. Although sharing files is available in other products released so far, the uniqueness of Opera unite lies in making every system as a server. With this you dont have to be infront of your PC to access and share your files.

Once you register your computer name with the website, you are provided with the link that makes your job easy. There are other things that come along with Opera Unite-

1. A media player to play as well as to send the audio files to your friends. You can also change the setting to public or private by which you can or cannot let others access your files.

2. File sharing module lets you share your files instantly with your friends. You dont have to worry about attaching files to mail or setting up an FTP service any longer.

3. And there is something called Fridge where you and your friends can leave a note and you get a notification when someone leaves a note.This is like what we do in our daily lives- you leave a note in a specified place for the intended person to see. I really love to see this feature in Opera Unite!

4. Photo sharing-Now this doesnt need much explanation coz we have been through a million photo sharing softwares.

5. The lounge is a chat server right on your computer without any third party websites. Really cool!

6. Sharing files are not restricted to just audio and image. Now you can host your websites too and let your friends know what your favorite sites are. This feature changes Opera Unite from browser to web server.

A browser that comes along with all these features. So what r u waiting for?
Opera Unite is available for download @ http://unite.opera.com/
Have fun exploring the new Opera Unite!
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