June 19, 2009

Experience the 3D web browsing

When we come across the word 3D the first thing that comes to our mind is real time experience. We have watched 3D movies, played 3D games and done animation in 3D also. But this being an era of Inernet, 3D web browsing is also possible.

SpaceTime enables 3D web browsing. I happened to watch a video demonstration of this SpaceTime browser and wanted to try it at once. Although in the video the demonstrator says that spaceTime requries any system that runs Vista, the download page of the setup file says that it runs in windows XP too. Good for me :)

In SpaceTime web browser, when you give the address and click Enter the page opens in a cover flow format and gets you the required info. And there is no "add tab" button like what you usually find in other browsers. Initially I was disappointed by this but soon I found a button at the bottom which says "Goto the previous item of the stack". Click this button which displays all the pages you requested for in a stack.

Visit http://www.spacetime.com/

SpaceTime browser is fast and user friendly too. Im having great time surfing thro this 3D browser :D
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