June 18, 2009

Falcon-A new web based image editor

Although we are aware of many web based image editors, Falcon has its own unique features worth trying it out. Falcon has all the basic image editing tools but what makes it even more interesting is its integration with Talon Firefox add on.

This image editor enables users to take screenshots of the web page and you can either upload it to the aviary site and start editing or save it to your desktop. It has all the basic tools like brushing tools, cropping tools, text tools, resizing and rotating tools etc.

To top it of all, Falcon has 4 powerful utilities provided by Aviary: Advanced image editor, Color editor, Effects editor and Vector editor. You can count on Falcon for fast editing and hosting of the image.

Visit www.aviary.com to explore falcon's features.
Try it like I did!

See ya with another post soon!
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